March 13 Update

Chandler Preschool and PDO

Spring Break Reminder

Kearney Schools has Spring Break next week beginning April 16, but we are OPEN. Chandler follows the Liberty Public Schools calendar. Chandler's Spring Break is the week of March 30. Chandler Preschool/PDO is closed March 31 and April 2.

Scholastic Book News

If you forgot to turn in your Scholastic book orders, you have until Monday, March 16, 10 AM. I have had some additional orders come in, so I will place an additional March order then. Thank you for your orders. We earn free books with every order! Our school library is growing, thanks to your orders! Our last order resulted in over 18 free books for our classes!

St. Patrick's Day

Don't forget to wear GREEN on Tuesday! Prepare for some St. Pat's fun!

Chandler Baptist Preschool and Parent's Day Out

Parent's Day Out: 3 months to 3 years

Preschool classes: 3/4 year and Pre-K