12 Days of Social

Facebook Challenge

Ready, Set, Post!

You've completed the background work. You've set a goal, written a description, and tweaked your settings. Now it's time to generate some content and engage your audience!

Use the ideas that match your classroom social media goal, ignore those which don't. Be sure to add your own ideas to the comment section at the end of this flyer.

Show off your classroom during the holiday season one day at a time. Select any of the posts styles below to get started. Try a different one each day, or stick to your favorites.

1. Set the stage

Take a photo of your learning environment. Provide your audience with a visual of what students experience in your classroom.

2. Share your story...

Why are you in education? Share a goal, a philosophy, a dream. #WhyITeach

3. Share something from the community... "Spotted"

How is your school connected to the community? Include upcoming events like parades, sports, drama performances, etc. Help the students of your school shine in the community.

4. Interview a teacher/principal/student....

Be sure to have media releases for all students prior to posting. Then share a few interview questions and responses to "Meet So and So."

5. Introduce a piece of literature

What are your students reading? How does it impact their instruction? Maybe an audience member could share their thoughts on the reading selection?

6. Share something popular...

How can your class participate in a new trend? Perhaps a #MannequinChallenge could be attempted at bus dismissal?

7. Share photos from a field trip...

Everyone enjoys seeing students learn real life applications to their studies. Include a few pics and commentary of the valuable learning experience.

8. Answer the famous question; "What did you learn in school today?"

Invite your class to design a post each day to tell the community about the learning and projects taking place in your classroom.

9. Share someone else's content....

Have you seen an article recently that bears relevance for your audience? Share it! Be sure to credit your source.

10. Share a TBT, or a Whacky Wednesday, or a Celebrate Monday, or a Techie Tuesday

You get the idea, I'm sure!

11. Post an awesome piece of student....

.... artwork, poem, story, project, photo, narration, dance, song, instrumental, whatever!

12. Share your latest email newsletter or announcement.

Do we really need all that paper? Save yourself the time of standing by the copy machine and post the information where your audience is sure to find it!

13. Celebrate a milestone or little known holiday...

We've read ____ books.

We've gone ______ days without losing a homework assignment.

We donated ______ blankets to the Humane Society.


14. Give Thanks!

Has someone volunteered in your classroom, or provided snacks, or supplies? Take a quick photo and thank them for their generosity.

15. Share something seasonal.

Are your students working on a garden project? Cleaning up debris from a hurricane? Collecting canned goods?

16. Show off your expertise...

Post a regular "Did you know?" where your audience can learn/benefit from your instructional content. These could serve as conversation starters for parents and students.

17. Famous Quotes

Who are your students studying? Or, who is quotable in current events? What are people saying and how is their message impacting students?

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