Shimek Library Newsletter

February 2016

New Circulation Desk

The old circulation desk was original to Shimek - which makes it 45 years old - so we decided an upgrade was in order. Our all-new desk was built by Iowa Prison Industries and was installed last week. Isn't it beautiful? Drop by and see the new desk the next time you are at Shimek!

New Library Days!

Some of the classes have changed library days, which means their books are due on a different day. Please check the schedule to see if your child's check-out day has moved. (Changes are in bold print)

Tuesday: 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade
K Muhlenbruch, 6th grade
Thursday: K Kalsem, 1st Grade, 4th grade

Library Learning

Kindergarten: We reviewed how to take good care of library books (and any books, for that matter) so they will last for years. We finished up our study of Laura Numeroff books and circle stories; it has been great fun to see how a story can start and end at the same place!
In the lab, the students continue to use KidPix 3D to create pictures. We have explored the shapes and created a winter picture, and we used the stamps to create a place we would like to visit.
First and Second Grade: The students reviewed the rules of good book care and rules in the computer lab. They have been learning how the library is organized and how to find their own books. The children learned that all of the books in the library are organized by section, then in ABC order, so they have been practicing reading call numbers and putting books in order. The students are getting very good at recognizing how the books are organized in the library.
Third and Fourth Grade: The Optimist Good Reader program is going strong - less than two weeks to go! All books must be read, summaries written, activities done, and yellow OGR sheet turned in to the teacher by Friday, February 19. In library class, we have been studying the different genres. We discussed Folktales and read The Seven Chinese Brothers. We talked about the differences between Historical Fiction, Realistic Fiction, and Fantasy Fiction, then the 3rd graders made posters and the 4th graders made realistic and fantasy pictures of themselves using Come to the library to see the posters and the pictures. We also read the biography Star Stuff about the life of Dr. Carl Sagan.
Fifth Grade: The fifth graders made amazing book reports using Comic Life. I hope you have the chance to see them. Now we are studying digital citizenship and the ways we can be good citizens online. The students are exploring the basics of digital citizenship using choose-your-own-adventure animated characters designed by Digital Compass. The characters give students a chance to make good and poor choices and see the outcome in the online world. The goal is to help them make better decisions in the real world.

Sixth Grade: The students have been evaluating the authenticity of websites using the Rating Websites form from Common Sense Media. The students look to see if the author can be trusted, if the site is up-to-date, will the site have the information they need, and is the site good for their age group. Some of the sites the 6th graders have evaluated have been very well done fakes, and some sites have been authentic. We will discover which is which and if they have evaluated correctly in the next week or two.

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