Raising Beef cattle

Written by heather smith Tomas

The review by Bennett Jansen

Well the author wrote this book to inform the reader about cattle and how to take care of them but for anyone who is interested in cattle or live stock in general should read this book this book dose not just have a interesting topic but has an interesting why of stating cattle facts like how to handle pink eye and how to take care of a pregnant cow and a first calf heifer it also includes a breed specifying chart shows you the characteristics of certain breeds but also includes a little background information on each breed so you could use this book to find out what kind of cattle raise and get set up for

Or how to fix the problems you have in your herd now but I would not recommend to just use this book to find out thangs your cows I would have u to use this info from the book with conversations whith successful cattle and more Internet research and conclusion four out of five stars And would consider this to any won greatly interested in cattle or live stock

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More about beefmasters (sidebar)

Beefmasters were created when a man named tom laseter put a bramer bull on his femal gars (1/2 shorthorn 1/2 Hereford) and he claled it a beefmaster I guess he ran out of good names but little did he know his little south Texas ranch would become known for won of the most recognized breeds not only in Texas not only in amarica but the hole south Western Hemisphere

. Beefmasters have great milk production

.beefmasters were created in Texas

.there are two main groups the BBU and the JBBA

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Amarican cattle

Masters of Braemar influence cattle they fall under the American influence