Make Me Fit

Fitness Centre

New opening!

We are new fitness center in Aberdeen and we can promise you won't find anything similar in north east Scotland area. Our trainings focus only on the most intensive cardio exercises which improve people's body look and make them fitter. We have fitness classes which are not available in different places.

Respecting and understanding our customers are the most important values.

As we all know, there is not many places in Aberdeen with fresh, local, healthy and valuable for money food so we would like to open a food bar for maximum 20 people (open for everyone, not only for gym's members).

We will do everything to meet the customer needs and we will try hard to achieve our members goals.

Why we are the best?

• focus only on the most intensive group classes - jumping, spinning, cross-fit, body attack, zumba, military training and training for mums

• minimum 3 months contract (usually 6 months contract provided by our competitors)

• classes available all day so you can come anytime

• easy and quick online booking

• free dietary consultations each month with specialist

• free personal training every 3 months

• trainings only available in our gym - mother's training and jumping

• healthy food bar

• fun and friendly atmosphere promised!

Our customers

There is no age limit and we welcome everyone, however classes are mostly focused on adults between 20 and 40 years old. There are 4 levels of our classes from the beginner to the advanced level so we would like to attract people who want to start be more active as well as people who already have an experience.

Our staff

At the begining we would need full time .... personal trainers, because trainings are very intensive so they won't be able to provide the exercises all day long. We will try to find personal trainers who can speak one or more foreing language because we know Aberdeen is a multiculture city and we want to attract as many international customers as UK citizens.

In first few months we think about hire number of people listed below:

Other positions available

• 4 x reception staff (2 x part time and 2 x full time)

• 2 x cleaners (full time)

• 1 x gym manager (full time)

• 1 x gym supervisor (part time)

• 1 x accountant (full time)

• 1 x marketing and promotional person (part time)

Food bar

• 1 x general manager (full time)

• 1 x team leader (full time)

• 2 x waiting staff (1 x full time and 1 x part time)

• 1 cook (full time)

• 3 x kitchen porters