WVL October Newsletter

October 16, 2015

Message from Melissa Horn, Executive Director

Hello - Happy Fall!! I hope that all is well in your family and with your student. Fall is the time for changing colors, cooler temperatures and in school, we are getting settled into routines and quickly approaching mid-term grades. It is hard to believe that we have almost been in school for 9 weeks already. Keep up the hard work and I look forward to seeing you in class or at a school outing. :) Here are some announcements for the month:

OWL Awards

WVL High School piloted a new honor at their level last year - OWL Awards. OWL stands for Our Wonderful Learners. It was so well received that we are opening it up to the whole school and at each grade level, teachers will select students that have been exhibiting outstanding work habits, great participation and attendance in class, self advocacy in questions being asked in class, study hall and office hours, as well as other notable qualities. These students are recognized through a letter from the principal and a small token of appreciation for a job well done. We are also posting their pictures on FB and on the website with a little information on why they have been selected. Please keep an eye out for these OWL Award winners and congratulate them when you see them!

NHS Members

Help us welcome our newest members to the National Honor Society - Grace Becker, Tiffany Bestul, Stephen Sodergren, Jonathon Szczesny and Amber Wicklund! Mrs. Karen O’Donnell is the advisor of this organization and we are pleased to announce the new members. It is exciting to have new students be a part of NHS. We are looking forward to a great year!

New Guidance Counselor

WVL is welcoming a new Guidance Counselor, Susan West. Susan is coming to WVL with an extensive background in Counseling - working with high school students from many different areas and across the country. Please welcome Susan when you are given the opportunity. Her first day with the school will be Monday, October 19th.

WVL Student Spotlight- Savannah Krueger

We'd like to congratulate Savannah Krueger for her recent participation in a poetry competition. Her poem, "The Impact," was one of the few chosen to be published! Here is what she has to say about her writing process:

"I’ve been writing short stories, books, poems, and quotes ever since I was 13 years old. I don’t really remember what inspired me to write poems, all I know is that one day I just started writing things down. Soon the words turned into sentences, and then sooner or later those sentences turned into a finished poem. The most recent poem I wrote was, “The Impact,” and what motivated me to write this poem was past experiences that I myself went through, and one’s I know I’ll be going through in the future."

The Impact, by Savannah Krueger

Days on fears and nights on hope,
seconds on wishing this would end.
Months in tears and years in laughs,
decades of hoping this would continue.
Laughs on force and anger in swiftness,
clueless on wondering why this happens.
Love in choice and hatred by actions,
forgiving on what you're judgment does.
Forgetting in pain and remembering by cheers,
regretting on not taking those chances.
Second chances and forever last glances,
being the best the second time through.
Lasting friendships and everlasting relationships,
believing you'll find the one some day.
Beauty inside and the beauty unknown,

finding words that will impact others.

Progress Reports from Lincoln

Lincoln Learning Solutions will be periodically sending out information they call a progress report. You can expect one next week and then every few months, they are sent out on the first Monday. The next one will be sent in December, then in March and May. I do not know if the report will take into consideration that WVL students had a late start to the school year. The reports are auto generated from LI. Feel free to look them over and see pacing, but please remember that these are not used by WVL in the school’s report cards which are based on learning standards. If you have questions about pacing or grades in your classes, always contact your teacher or SLA.

Tech Corner

Windows 10 - For the last month or so, there has been a pop-up window asking if you wanted to download Windows 10. WVL does not support Windows 10 and we recommend you DO NOT download onto the school laptop. We have seen issues (webcams and TrendMicro not effectively working) that have arisen from doing this and laptops have had to be reimaged to get back to working condition. If you have already downloaded Windows 10, and it has been within the last 30 days, please follow the steps below - Microsoft gives you 30 days from the day you upgraded to Windows 10 to roll back to your previous version of Windows. Before you do so, however, it's a good idea to backup your data, even though it will remain intact. Here are the steps to go back to Windows 7 from Windows 10:

    • Step 1: From the Windows 10 Start Menu, click on Settings.

    • Step 2: On the Settings page, click on the button that reads Update & Security.

    • Step 3: Now on the Update & Security page, click on Recovery and then under Go Back to Windows 7, click on Get Started.

    • Step 4: Select a reason for the rollback and then click Next.

After a warning and a confirmation, the rollback process will start. The process can take as short as a few minutes to about half an hour depending on the speed of your computer. In my experience, rolling back from Windows 10 to Windows 7 was much quicker (just about a fourth of the time) than my original upgrade process.

Note that once rolled back, you might have to reinstall some apps, and some of the settings changes you've made in applications may also be lost. Also, make sure you remember the log-in password for the previous version of Windows since the password for Windows 10, if you have changed it, will not stick, either.

For more information, please click below:

School Website - As many of you know WVL has a new school website. The URL is the same, but it has a different look and some new features. One of the nice changes is that the website is now viewable on mobile devices, not just through laptops. Anything you can see on your school laptop on the site is accessible on your mobile device. It also has a nice Staff section with pictures of all staff and a little video talking about their background. If you have not checked it out, please take a look:
Another reason for bringing the website up, is that on your laptop, when you connect to the internet, it may still be trying to link to the old homepage, resulting in an error that the link doesn't exist. We would like to give you the steps in correcting this, if this is happening to you. Please read below, if you are having this issue:
  • When the old WVL website appears you will want to click in the address bar and remove the old URL. Type in www.wisconsinvl.net and then click enter. A new screen will appear with the updated WVL website.
  • For Chrome, click on the 3 bars at the top right.
      • Click settings.

      • On Start up click "open a specific page or set of pages. Click "Set pages".

      • Next, click "use current pages", then Ok.

  • For Internet Explorer, click on the gear at the top right.
      • Click internet options.

      • Click use current

      • Apply and then Ok.

Midterm Grades

For middle school and high school, progress reports are coming out soon. You will be able to access your student’s progress report within Skyward Friday, November 6. Please contact your SLA or the school office if you have difficulty accessing this information. Also, please remember that as we are a virtual school; you have access to your student’s progress 24/7. Everything that they are completing, turning in and getting feedback on is online and available to you all the time. :)


We will be creating a yearbook for WVL this year. In order for your student to be included in the yearbook, please submit your photos to Danielle Biever, dbiever@nosd.edu by December 1. Yearbook pictures should be a focused head-shot with a neutral background. You may also submit pictures of your student at outings, doing school or other outside activities. Please be sure to include your student’s name and grade level along with their picture. If you are a senior, please also include your post High School plans for us to include in the program at graduation. If you attended our Family Orientation and your student had their picture taken there, you do not need to submit an additional picture unless you'd like us to use a different one. Thank you!

Important Dates and Upcoming Events

Click each event below for more information. We hope to see you there!