Winter Closing

Residential Services | December 3, 2015

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Halls Close December 18th at Noon!

The residence halls will close on Friday, December 18, 2015, at 12pm, NOON. This closing time will be strictly enforced, so please make appropriate travel arrangements. You are required to leave your residence hall on the day of your last final examination. The only residences that will remain open, but registration to stay is required, are Fuller/Ellsworth, Faraday Hall, and East Hall. If you are returning to the residence halls for the Spring semester; you DO NOT have to take all of your personal belongings home with you.

When you leave the residence hall for semester break please:

  • Unplug all appliances and electronics. This includes personal refrigerators.
  • Do not leave any fish in aquariums.
  • Empty all trash/recycling and make sure that you leave your room/apartment clean.
  • Close and lock all windows. Leave shades completely closed. Make sure your door is closed and locked.
  • Turn thermostat to the lowest setting. Do not turn the heat completely off.· Please take home any valuables. We cannot take responsibility for anything left in the building during the break. Students do not have access to the residence halls during term break.

Additionally, Health and Safety inspections will take place once again over the break. Please be sure to bring home any items that are restricted in the residence halls. For a complete list of restricted items, please refer to your Community Standards Guide.

For students who do not plan to return to the residence hall for C/D term: You must make prior arrangements with a Residential Services staff member to check out of your room and turn in your keys before you leave. Express Check-out Forms are available in Res. Services or with an RA. If you do not turn in your keys before you leave you will be assessed a lock change fee. Please note – unless you are graduating, transferring, or withdrawing, you have a full-year commitment to living on campus.

The residence halls will re-open on Sunday, January 10, 2016, at 9am. The first meal will be the evening meal. Good luck on finals and enjoy the holidays and break!

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