Pre-Mature Ejaculation Challenges?

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Poor Performance In Bed?

Do you suffer with pre-mature/delayed ejaculation (P.E/D.E) challenges?

Do You Want to Overcome Your Pre-Mature/Delayed Ejaculation Challenges?

Do you suffer with Floppy Penis Syndrome?

Are you suffering with any type of sexual dysfunction (S.D.)?

Is your partner fed up with your performance in bed because of your challenges?

Do you get worked up and frustrated about your sexual performance?

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And take the first step to obliterating your challenges

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During your FREE telephone consultation, you WILL be given an understanding and awareness as to root causations of your personal Pre-Mature Ejaculation (PE)/libido challenges, that are causing you so much stress and anxiety in your life

And I WILL help you understand how your challenges are occurring and how your booked 3 hour tantric therapy session will help you obliterate your challenges. I WILL give you an understanding of what makes your body respond in this way.

And by the end of your call, you WILL be feeling more relaxed, and a lightness about your challenges.

It is fair to say, that NO ONE else offers this service, and certainly not for FREE!

FIND OUT HOW Tanya Eden can help you with these challenges:
Take the first step to obliterating your challenges.

Recent Testimonial Emailed, Following, Telephone Consultation 18 Oct 2013:

"Dear Tanya,
Thank for a wonderful consultation session yesterday, just this consultation not only unlocked my mind, (if I can use this term), but you were able to show me root of my problem. You also showed me how I go on to defend or protect myself mentally rather than being open with myself." Jay

During your call, Tanya Eden will identify your root causation of your challenges,
which will cause the weight to be lifted off your shoulders,
when you find out why these challenges have been created.

Proven success, with clients who have suffered with libido challenges
for anything from 6 months to 40 years...OBLITERATED IN ONE SESSION!

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Tanya Eden
Genunine Tantric Practitioner And Chakra Energy Healer

Pre-mature ejaculation? - Finally, a cure!

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