Calcium (kal-see-uh m)

alkaline earth elements

atomic mass number is 40.078 amu and a atomic radius in angstroms of 1.45. Density of 1.54

melting point 1115 k

boiling point 1757

at room temperature (or in c) this element is a solid

appearance of calcium is silvery-white metallic

conductivity 1.0

malleability capable of being shaped or bent

hardness creatively soft metal

opp NA

flammability when in air or in oxygen

reactivity with acid high reactive

with water reacts with cold water rapidly at first but then is slowed down do to formation of a film of calcium hydroxide ca (OH2)

atomic number 20

mass 40.078

protons 20

neutrons 20

electrons 20

location of Calcium on the table is second calcium the third one down labled Ca atomic number 20

it was discovered 1808

in England

was found by Sir Humphry Davy

found it by mining

it mostly is used for bone usage to strengthen bones and such also found in skin cream

it came from Latin word calx which means lime

nothing weird

compounds of Calcium are and phosphate

isotope for calcium is Ca-42 Ca-44 Ca-46 and Ca-48