Mrs. Whitlock's Weekly Math Updates

March 16-20

Upcoming Dates

Monday, March 16: Homework Packet 10 due

Wednesday, March 18: Chapter 14 Test

Monday, March 23: Homework Packet 11 due

Looking at Next Week and Beyond - Speeding towards Second Grade!

In our last quarter, we have a good amount of math to cover! We started Chapter 14 today on mental math. It's a very quick chapter with several strategies for mentally adding and subtracting. I would strongly encourage working with your child on addition and subtraction facts using flashcards to help them memorize some basic facts. I'll be uploading a PDF you can print and use for flashcards onto FSAConnect today. Please note that we will be having our test on this material next Wednesday! I would also ask that you continue to practice regrouping in addition and subtraction with your child. I'll continue to add regrouping pages in our homework packets to better help students acclimate.

After our test on Wednesday, we will be starting Chapter 15 on calendars and time. Students will be learning how to locate a date on a calendar and will be able to read a clock up to the half hour. These are both easy things that can be demonstrated with real-life examples at home, and I'd encourage you to spend time looking at clocks and calendars together.

Upcoming chapters to note:

- Chapter 16: Numbers to 120

- Chapter 17: Addition and Subtraction to 100

- Chapter 18: Multiplication and Division

- Chapter 19: Money