Zachary Taylor

12th president of the United States




Whig, Independent

Vice President

Millard Fillmore

Election Opponents

Martin Van Buren, Louis Cass

America at this time...

-Free Soil Party emerged

-Southern leaders threatened succession

Key People of the Presidency

-Henry Clay

-John M. Clayton-secretary of state

-George W. Crawford-secretary of war

-Jacob Collarre-Postmaster general

-Thomas Ewing-secretary of interior

-William M. Meredith-secretary of the treasury

-Reverdy Johnson-attorney general

William B. Presbian-secretary of Navy


"I will lead the army if it became necessary in order to enforce federal laws and to preserve the union."

Economic Policies

-Financial scandal with Secretary of State-stole money

Foreign Policies

-Mexican-American War

-stopped expedition to Cuba

-supported efforts of German liberals in Revolution

-confronted Spain about the arrest of Americans

-assisted England in looking for lost Artic explorers

-built canal across Nicaragua

-Clayton-Buwler Treaty- last act of state

Domestic Policies

-wanted to make California a state


-refused to engage directly with Congress

-wanted 2nd Fugitive Slave law

-Compromise of 1850

-New Mexico and Utah territories