Indigenous Africa

Nothing to see Here *casual whistling*


it's a great place for living because of the tribes of people and the amount of food there. they live on cows,ox,and locally grown all natural and GMO-free foods.(great place for children because of that, but it can be even better to be in a resort, especially because of the nearby sahara desert. it is overall a great place for a city and is a great place to meet diverse amounts of people.

Ethiopian Highlands

It is not the best place to be granted, but it does have the source of the blue Nile river! the mystery that clouded us for years was where did the Nile river originate? well without satellite images people have to search the ground?!?!?!?!?!?!

Mount Kilomanjaru

The largest mountain in Africa as well as the most fun to walk up. the large mountain also grows coffee! and of course plantains.

Lake VIctoria

The largest lake in Africa and with a boatload of fish and with cities very near. A recommendation is to fish there!