McAuley Campus Update

A Message from Heidi Osborn, Board of Trustees Chair

Dear McAuley Community:

I want to update you on some very positive developments for the future of McAuley.

As you know, the School sits on real estate owned by the Sisters of Mercy, and they have agreed to sell the property to Sea Coast Management Company, with a likely sale closing date in 2016. The School administration and Board have been actively evaluating and planning for the School’s future needs and options. As part of that effort, Sea Coast and McAuley have been meeting to discuss our shared plans and visions.

McAuley’s objective has consistently been to provide the best physical environment for the young women of the School – to support their development into Women of Mercy: well-educated, self-disciplined, enriched by diversity, able to lead and willing to serve others. We want a location that serves the students and the Portland community, of which the School is a committed member.

We are happy to announce several important directional developments that will help us to achieve our goals.

First, we are very pleased to communicate that, with respect to the 5-year lease we currently have with the Sisters of Mercy, Sea Coast has confirmed that it “will be glad to extend the lease [with the School] to remain in effect as long as the School is in good standing with [its terms],” beginning with a 25-year term and renewable beyond that time. Sea Coast has promised the School that the terms will remain similarly favorable to what we currently have with the Sisters of Mercy. They have made this commitment to a long-term lease happily and “without reservation”. This generous commitment allows McAuley to choose to stay in its current Stevens Avenue location, which has served us well for forty-five years. This site is the best choice for the School and continues our presence as an important part of the Portland Community. We can now plan and invest and build our future here, knowing that Sea Coast is committed to our long-term presence and success.

Second, we are also delighted that Sea Coast is willing to preserve permanent athletic field space for practices and possibly for games, depending on how their projects take shape. This provides us with the ability to support our young women’s physical development and athletic team experience. Sea Coast’s project timeline shows that there will be no impact on the current fields until at least the 2017-2018 school year and even then, the impact will be gradual as construction begins.

Finally, we are thrilled that the shared future of McAuley and Sea Coast offers many exciting and rewarding possibilities. Sea Coast wants to work with the School on everything from intergenerational programs to joint development for scholarships and capital needs. They are committed to having McAuley grow and thrive for decades alongside their new senior community, maximizing the benefits to both communities during our long-term future together.

We are excited about our new future and all the benefits this new direction can bring to our unique and irreplaceable McAuley. If you have any questions, please contact Kathryn Barr, our Head of School, or me.

Heidi S. Osborn

Chair, Board of Trustees