Book Of Mormon

By: Sadie Mullen

Who you can become

Their are amazing stories that relate to who you become,that can make your better. You see prophets in the Book of Mormon that went through challenges but did not give up. Even if it meant risk.

Being Thankful

Be greatful for what you love about what you are doing, to succeed and finally return back to the savior and receive more of his blessings. " be greatful for what you have, your life, and family and friends , because no matter how bad you think your life is ,and when you serve them it's someone else's fairy tale" on what makes it magicial

*Fairy tales are not just for telling, they make what makes life significant. That is when the magic of joy can bring.

Jesus Christ's Prophets

Jesus's prophets seeker help from the lord, to guide them to do his work, and soon they revived his blessings, and grew stronger. " Moses and the Israelites" in Egypt they were kept as slaves, but God sent Moses to send them or lead them out of Egypt. Because of their wicked pharaoh.