Dr. Lowe's Virtual School Update

For the Week of 3/27/2020

Dear POPCS Parents & Students,

Never during my tenure in education did I ever imagine a time or contingency plan for a pandemic. Never. However, now that it is here, I can see how the Lord has been working not only in my life but also in the lives of our staff members to continue education and ministry to your students.

I must say how proud and impressed I am in our teaching staff who gathered and prepped over a 48-hour period and rolled out a viable virtual learning experience. Teachers and leaders from North Texas and beyond have sought recommendations and information about the POPCS virtual learning plan. We are sharing our best practices with teacher leaders around the country.

Every Friday morning our US staff and departments virtually meet about how we can improve the student experience and today was no different. Personally, I feel blessed to have studied Educational Technology in my doctoral studies and will be providing as much professional development to our faculty as I can each week. I've enjoyed visiting virtual classrooms each day and seeing your students engage together. But in each senior class I visit, I can't help but feel such heartbreak and regret at what they are losing this year. Know that POPCS will be working hard to do whatever we can to still give them milestone experiences before they leave for college or work. More on that later...

In the meantime, look for additional information from Mr. Hahn about next steps for our school. Here is a partial list of issues we are working through from a policy and procedure standpoint as we navigate uncharted territory as a school. More detailed information to follow:

  • Grading policies for Q4 (ensuring we are sensitive to student achievement, GPA, Top 10%, etc.)
  • Student attendance policies during the school closure
  • Assessment policies in a virtual environment
  • Baccalaureate/Graduation dates and locations
  • PROM contingency plan
  • Senior Disney Trip
  • National Honor Society induction

As you have questions, please send me an email, and I will respond as soon as I am able with the best information I have. We desire to be "student first" as we handle virtual learning, and I appreciate all the patience and encouragement we've received over the past two weeks.

Again, my prayer is for protection and increased faith and dependence on Jesus during this pandemic. God bless you and be with you - have a restful weekend. I'm praying for you all.

In Him,

Dr. Lowe

Yearbook Request from Ms. Lawson

Good afternoon!

The yearbook team needs your help to capture this unique time of social distancing and virtual learning. Please send photos of any or all of following to photos@popcs.org:

  • Virtual learning from home
  • How you’re enjoying time with family at home
  • What does your “new school uniform” look like? If you’re learning in sweats or pjs, send us a pic!

When you send photos, make sure to send large/full quality images. Also, tell us who is in the photo and what they are doing!

Please fill out this survey for us: https://forms.gle/r44ZD8eY2psZ3vnx6

Thanks so much for your help in making the yearbook great!

Stay healthy!

The 2020 Yearbook Team

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Prince of Peace Christian School

Should you have any questions during this extended school closure, please send all email to highschool@popcs.org or call 972-598-1071 to leave a message. We will make every effort to return your message within 24 hours.