School Board Meeting Highlights



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All motions were approved.

Workshop Meeting

Girls Volleyball - 2016 PIAA Silver Medalist Presentation

Coach Mike Krause recognized the Volleyball team for being the state runner-up this year. Congratulations were extended to the team. The roster is:

Sam Graver

Kara Fagerstrom

Morgan Sherwin

Haley Iacobelli

Brooke Kratzer

Thwisha Anantasagar

Mia Jago

Grace Steurer

Paige Konsko

Megan Shaw

Adriana Goetz-Morales

Savannah Graver

Mady Beaver

Kirah Dreisbach

Abby Giacobbe

Lauren Ceh

Early Literacy Committee

Kelly Rosario, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development, gave an update on the work of the Early Literacy Committee which has the goal of preparing all students to read on grade level by grade 3. View her presentation here.

WFMZ did a nice article here.

Business Meeting

New Money Borrowing and Parameters Resolution

The Board approved a Parameters Resolution to borrow $10M in early 2017 to pay for capital improvements, technology, buses, and some soft costs related to the planning for a new elementary school. This was a follow up step in response to the last meeting's financial team presentation. It was unanimously approved.

Other updates

CAC had a meeting last week and Kate Kareha gave a presentation on the Education Foundation and people had lots of questions and good discussion.

CLIU Report - Parkland's contribution will increase by $3, they bought 15 buses, and approved the hiring of an additional autism support interventionist.


The Board asked everyone to enjoy their families and time off.

Rich also congratulated the Girls' Volleyball Team on an outstanding season and how great it was to hear that they have a 3.99 cumulative grade point average.

Happy Holidays!

Next Meeting: January 17, 2017 at 7 PM Workshop, 8 PM Regular Meeting