Lafty Tafty Man

a man who fights over 40 trusts, and wins!

"For all trust to fall, and tariff to rise!"

Lafty Tafty Man fought off trusts so it would prevent monopolies and companies that would cause coporations to have more power then the government. Later in the need to fight of Teddy Rose & Fell, to see whom was the best hero for the nation of America.

Arch Nemisis: Teddy Rose & Fell

Getting his name for running two terms as President of the United States, Rose & Fell, was soon running again for President in the election of 1912 but lost, hence the "fell". Causing trouble to Tafty Man,

Such as:

1.) Lowering the tariffs and conserving land, leading to the ratification of the Forest Reserve Act of 1891.

2.) Trying to exterminate Tafty Man's presidency by going against him in the Election of 1912

3.) Costing the Republican party to win a term in Presidency in the Election of 1912

4.) Wanted to limit the judiciary abilityis issue injunctions againsts labor unions.

5.) Roosevelts intentions of leaving the good trusts alone, and then controlling the bad trusts.

Sidekick: The Rights (Political Parties)

The Rights fought side by side Tafty Man to give the power to the people by giving Voters the power to elect their senators directly, as well as passing the seventeenth amendment:


Taft urged Americans to invest abroad, in a policy called “Dollar Diplomacy,” which called for Wall Street bankers to sluice their surplus dollars into foreign areas of strategic concern to the U.S., especially in the Far East and in the regions critical to the security of the Panama Canal. This investment, in effect, gave the U.S. economic control over these areas. This showed that Taft was more capable than Roosevelt as President. Hopefully, favoring for more votes in the election of 1912