The Red Scare

Samuel Ruiz Plaza


Joseph McCarthy

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Julius & Ethel Rosenberg

Arthur Miller

Alger Hiss


On June 2nd 1919, bombs exploded in eight different cities within an hour of each other.

A group of twelve prominent lawyers published "A Report on the Illegal Practices of The United States Department of Justice," citing violations of the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution and accusing Palmer of "illegal acts" and "wanton violence".

Part 1

- Loyalty Review Board: Was set up in 1947 by President Truman to investigate all federal employees.

- House Committee on Un-American Activity: established in 1938 to investigate fascist groups in the US.

- Hollywood Ten: The first systematic Hollywood blacklist was instituted on November 25, 1947, the day after ten writers and directors were cited for contempt of Congress for refusing to testify to the House Committee on Un-American Activities

- Alger Hiss: Alger Hiss was an American lawyer, government official, author, and lecturer.

- Julius & Ethel Rosenberg: American citizens executed for conspiracy to commit espionage, relating to passing information about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union.

- Senator McCarthy and his tactics: United States politician who unscrupulously accused many citizens of being Communist

- Declaration of Conscience: speech made by Senator Margaret Chase Smith on June 1, 1950, less than four months after Senator Joe McCarthy's infamous "Wheeling Speech," on February 9, 1950.

- Army-McCarthy hearings: series of hearings held by the United States Senate's Subcommittee on Investigations between April 1954 and June 1954.

- Describe the Cold War attitudes and feelings

at home in America: The Cold War was also reflected in the attitudes of people in their everyday lives. In the United States, the Hollywood blacklist determined who would create, work on, and star in motion pictures; in politics the House Un-American Activities Committee questioned those thought to be communist sympathizers.