Tuesday Tech Tip

For the Month of February



Build your own personal desktop. Create each symbaloo with your favorite websites/apps. Share your symbaloo with colleagues/friends or search for your favorite in the symbaloo gallery. Access your symbaloo...anywhere!

This Is Symbaloo

Educational symbaloos created by EdTECH Specialists anyone can access

Special Ed Apps
Math Specific Apps

Ideas for Classroom Use

  • create one to share among colleagues with Symbaloo accounts
  • create a symbaloo specific to classroom tools for students to view
  • make a content specific Symbaloo to remember websites/apps you like
  • post a screenshot of a Symbaloo for parents

Quick Tips and Tricks

  • Screenshot: hold the HOME button and power button simultaneously
  • Double tap HOME button to see all open apps or use four fingers and push up - opens multitasking bar
  • Use your whole hand (5 fingers) to close an app
  • Move between open apps using 4 fingers to swipe right or left
  • Hold your finger down on an app to delete or arrange in folders