Homecoming Dress Up Days

Earn points for your class!

Join in the fun AND help your class be the reigning Homecoming class of 2016!

How does it work? Each day during Homecoming week, Student Council members will tally up the percentage of each class' participation in the theme for the day. The class with the most participation gets 10 points. (If there is a tie, both or all classes will get the points.) Every day secret panel will also judge 2 costumes that demonstrate the daily theme in a unique way. Those students' classes will get an additional 5 points! (and their pictures taken!)

Here are the daily themes:

Monday - 'Merica Day

Tuesday - Destination/Tourist Day

Wednesday - Group Day

Thursday - Throwback Thursday

Friday - Class Color Day

Class Color Day:

Seniors: Black

Juniors: Red

Sophomores: Blue

Freshmen: green

8th Grade: grey

7th Grade: purple