Children and Families in Society

Final Presentation by Haley Dennison

Family I Chose:

I chose a low income family that just recently entered the US and are trying to make it the best experience for their family with the little that they have. It can be more difficult for them to give their child all they think they deserve.
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The Situation

Since the family is new to the country and of low income, they have difficulty finding a way to get to work and getting their children to school and reaching out for help from other community members. They also have a hard time connecting in the community since they do not speak the language fluently.

Needs of the family:

They need to be able to feed their children, need to know their children are safe where they are, they need to know that their child is cared for, they need to feel understood, need to know that their child is succeeding.

How to Help:

  • Ask around if their are any other families that may be able to carpool.
  • Look at the school bus routes and find a faster way to get to the school.
  • Tell them it is okay for them to drop of their child earlier than normal and you will make sure the child is safe.
  • Look for available jobs closer to the school if they are also looking for a job.
  • Send links to sites that help with communication is communication is difficult for them.
  • Find a local family that speaks their language and ask if they could be a support system for the new family.
  • Have a teachers aid help with the child learning, possibly work with them one-on-one sometime during the day.
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Goals of specific family members:

Parent: Have a comfortable lifestyle, feel valued in the community, provide for their children.

Child: Make friends, make connections, learn the language.

Best way to help family

I would make sure they have a support system in the community, whether it be an organization or another family. I would make sure the family feels grounded and welcome to the community and has faith that they will succeed in their new home.

Resources to use:

Sites for helping immigrants with education

How to Find Local Food Banks

Emails of other parents who might be able to be that support that the new family needs.