The Colorado Watershed

by Patrick Carney, Matt Skircak, Tristan Brandt, Mark Vasile

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What is a Watershed?

A watershed is an area in which water runs or drains into the same place, known as a basin. An example would be all of the water running down a mountain into a river, and then draining into the soil, thus creating a basin.

Background Information

  • The watershed spans about 243,000 square miles, about as large as France

  • Provides for 1/4 million jobs and $26 billion in economic output in recreation alone

  • The delta alone supports over 300 species of birds

  • The 4 million acres irrigated by provides for 15% America's crops

  • The watershed also provides much of the hydroelectric output for Western America

Fun Facts About the Colorado Watershed

  • 19 states rely on the Colorado Watershed.

  • 78% of surface water withdrawn from the Colorado River is used for agriculture. 22% is for industrial use.

  • More than 36 Million depend on it under the Colorado River Impact

Problems that the Colorado Watershed is Facing

Climate Change

By 2050, the watershed is expected to be depleted by 10%-30%. A lack of snow and warmer temperatures will exhaust the amount of available water.