Are they really crazy or just pretending?

Introducing Toddlers

The terrible two's is when it starts or at least that is what they say.... Once your child becomes a toddler there are some exciting things to look forward to and some not so exciting things to come. From milestones to how to handle tantrums all of your answers are below.


13 to 24 Months

  • Becomes a master at walking and begins climbing on everything
  • Can use several single words
  • Can follow two-step directions
  • Can recognize shapes and colors
  • May start to show interest in the toilet
  • Will start to assert independence

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We have all seen those parents in the middle of a grocery store with a screaming and crying toddler. Those parents generally look like they want to pull their hair out and sit down and cry to. However, if you follow these tips you may just keep your hair and shed only a few tears.

Step 1: Stay Calm. I know it sounds hard but I promise letting your emotions get the best of you will only make the situation worse.

Step 2: You are an adult, remember? Nothing can make you revert back to your younger years than trying to reason with an angry toddler but remember you are the adult and it is your job to remain calm and do what is best to handle the situation.

Step 3: Time-out for both of you. Putting your child in time-out will allow both of you time to calm down and sort out how your feeling. If you are in a store I advise taking your child to the bathroom or outside for a moment so you can both calm down and take a breather away from an audience.

Step 4: Talk about after you have both calmed down. Explaining to your child why they were in time-out and why their behavior was not appropriate will help them gain an understanding of expected behavior and help prevent future events.

Step 5: Be prepared. As you get to know your child you will figure out what frustrates them, what they like and don't like, what makes them comfortable. Once you can recognize a few of those things it will help you prevent future tantrums by carrying their favorite snack or toy to distract them in an unpleasant situation.

The most important thing to remember is we can't plan for all of life's events and sometimes tantrums just happen and it's okay. Remember you are not alone. Welcome to the joys of having a toddler.

Giggles,Smiles, and everything nice

While parenting a toddler can be tough don't forget that they aren't this age forever. Your toddler is growing at an amazing rate and developing skills that will surprise you each and everyday. Tantrums, bumps, and scrapes are a part of the job but now is the time where your relationship with your child truly begins.

Amazing Things your Toddler Can Do:

  1. Beginning to talk which means "yay, I can sort of figure out what they want through words now."
  2. Motor Skills: your child's motor skills are coming along quite nicely which means trips to the park are much more fun now.
  3. Comprehension: your child is beginning to notice things, remember things, and take in their surroundings which means you can have so much more fun at places like the zoo, museums, or just reading books.

Life has it's bumps in the road and can be unpredictable just like your toddler, so remember to go with the flow and enjoy your little one. Happy parenting.

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