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Top 6 Literacy Updates

Greetings CBLTs,

Our new semester in Project Share is approaching us quickly. As we begin to start a new semester, please be sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • The first day of class for the spring semester is on Monday, February 10, 2014. By now, each of you should have received an email from Daryl Michel with a brief description of the work that we will complete on Project Share. All in all, the work in this spring semester will focus mainly on the implementation of a specific Action Step that will be identified by your team during the first week of class. The syllabus for the course can be located at: http://ww.projectsharetexas.org

  • The other action item that we will spend a lot of time streamlining on this semester is our Data Informed Plan (K - 12) and/or Pre-Literacy Language Development Plan (0 - SE). I will discuss the template that we will use for our DIPS at our upcoming MOY meeting. Prior to our MOY, please identify a person from your team that will serve as the "Go -to Person" for training on the new DIP template. I will need to know the name of this person at the MOY meeting.

  • You will get your spring 2014 binders at the upcoming MOY meeting.

  • A TLI Survey was forwarded to all CBLTs prior to leaving for the Christmas Holiday Break. This survey should have been completed collectively as a team by 0 - SE, K - 5, and 6 - 12 grade level. If your campus is missing a survey, please have it completed and submitted electronically on or before Thursday, February 20, 2014. Please be very thorough as our TLI team and the Curriculum & Instruction Department will use this information for future planning purposes.

  • Please be mindful that if you are an official member of your campus' CBLT, you must complete ALL requirements as outlined in your signed Commitment Agreement Form in order to be eligible for the extra duty pay. Participants will not receive extra duty pay until the end of the summer once all CBLT commitments have been met for the school year.

  • Check out Dora Rodriguez's article on "Fostering Vocabulary Development in the Elementary Classroom" on Edmodo, in our Manor ISD Literacy Line. The first person to respond to her article will receive a special prize at the upcoming MOY meeting. Dora is the bilingual reading interventionist and a CBLT member at Manor Elementary School, under the leadership of Principal Malaki Hawkins. Here's the link to EDMODO: https://manorisd.edmodo.com/home#/group?id=2115422

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at felicia.turner@manorid.net.

Always with digital literacy in mind,

Felicia Turner

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Lights, Camera, & Literacy

Thursday, Feb. 20th, 1-4pm

18010 Blake Manor Rd

Manor, TX

Lights, Camera, Literacy is our TLI Middle of the Year (MOY) Grant Implementation Meeting. The TLI Team is looking forward to seeing you on Thursday, February 20, 2014. Special thanks to Blake Manor Elementary's CBLT for serving as our MOY hosts. We will also have special visitors from TEA joining us at our meeting. Copies of MOY data will be provided for you at this meeting.

Please bring to the meeting:

  1. Your IPAD ( you will not need your laptop as we will be rotating to various stations for this meeting)
  2. Any action items that have been sent to you in a personalized email and/or that may be listed in the updates found in this newsletter.
  3. The name of the person that will serve as your CBLT's "Go-To" Person for DIP Training with the TLI team.
  4. The date of your spring 2014 Literacy Night.
  5. Any questions that you may have regarding the new course work.

Snapshots of Fairy Tales & Teachers at Bluebonnet Trail Elementary!

Literacy Night Madness at the Middle Schools!

As you know, family engagement is absolutely critical for student success! Reading…also! Combining the two, and bridging the gap between school and home is what a Literacy Night is all about. The TLI Grant requires that all campuses host a Family Literacy Night; last semester, Literacy Nights never looked as good as they did at Decker Middle School and Manor Middle School!

Ever since our district received the TLI grant, our middle schools have been discussing ways in which they could connect with the Manor ISD families in relation to their Campus Improvement Plans (CIPs) and Data Informed Plans (DIPs). On last semester, both of our middle school campuses made this dream a reality.

Each campus put on an evening of various activities that encouraged community relationships and emphasized the importance of reading outside of school. From family friendly food, to an array of literacy stations, and ending the night with free books, each evening was absolutely phenomenal! So outstanding, that during our February Grant Implementation Team meeting, you will get an opportunity to hear directly from both campuses about their huge success and how to make your literacy night one that every child and parent will remember and long for during the spring semester.

Special thanks to Jill Brady, Josalyn Robinson, Ouita Bingham, and Kristin Riley-Freeborn for being the masterminds behind the huge success of their literacy nights. Much love and books to the special collaboration between the TLI Team and the best GEAR - UP team in Manor ISD…Cynthia Gill, Roslyn Caldwell, & Lisa Barrett Johnson. Our middle school teams can't wait to partner with you again this spring.

This year, we will have a new partner and will be be able to offer your campus an incentive to host a literacy night this spring! But guess what?! You have to be in attendance at our MOY meeting to hear about the special incentive and new partnership. See you soon!

Manor Middle School

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Decker Middle School

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Manor ISD Grant Implementation Team

Laurie Fay, Grant Coordinator laurie.fay@manorisd.net

Amelia Brown, TLI Account Manager amelia.brown@manorisd.net

Muya Hayes, Early Childhood Coordinator muya.hayes@manorisd.net

Alex Carrillo, Elementary Literacy Coordinator alex.carrillo@manorisd.net

Colleen Stearns,Secondary Literacy Coordinator colleen.stearns@manorisd.net

Felicia Turner, 21st Century Literacy Coordinator felicia.turner@manorisd.net