Albrecht Durer

Born: May 21, 1471---Died: April 6, 1528

By Sam Lademan

The Early Life of Albrecht Durer

Born in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Durer was born into a family of eighteen children, him being the third oldest. He started out as an apprentice of his father, a goldsmith, but later moved on to learn the ways of the painter Michael Wolgernut. This started his career as an extremely influential artist.

Albrecht Durer: The Artist

After working on several pieces, Durer was starting to grow in popularity, and at his time of death the only artists more popular than him were Raphael and Michelangelo. He was also in the good graces of the church for his refusal to print anything obscene or sinful. The main types of works created by Durer were engravings and prints, however he was a well-rounded Renaissance man.

Durer was patronized by several men, including Fredrick the Wise, Emperor Maximilian, and Charles V. Durer exemplifies scientific naturalism because of his portrayal of perspective (as seen above) and his detail of the natural world. Another thing that is shown by Durer is Individualism, and his ability to focus on every individual in his engravings and prints

Knight, Death, and the Devil

Created in 1513, Knight, Death, and the Devil is one of the most important engravings in Durer's series The Apocalypse. This piece was the climax of Durer's graphic style, and is able to show Durer's views on life. It is representative of the active sphere of human activity. This piece has an overall heroic feeling, with a valiant knight parading on his horse, paying no attention to Death (left of knight) and the Devil (right of knight). The main clue to which monster represents death is that the monster on the left is holding an hourglass running out of time.

This piece can be closely linked to humanism because it glorifies mankind (knight), and ALSO represents individualism because it creates an individual character and mannerism for all of the life on this engraving.

The original engraving can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. To see a digital copy either look above or click the following link:

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