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Amanjot Malhi


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Who Am I?

My name is Amanjot Malhi and I am a grade 10 student at Louise Arbour Secondary School. My name, Amanjot, means "radiating light of peace". Based on my personality, I would say that my name, chosen by my grandfather, is a perfectly fitting name for me since I often find myself trying to keep peace is chaotic situations. I would describe myself as hard-working and optimistic. In most circumstances, I am optimistic and try to think of the positive outcomes. My friends always ask me how I smile all the time, and some of them would describe me as “jolly”. I am always very hard-working. If I make a commitment in school, volunteering, or at home, I will always work my hardest and make sure that the job gets done to the best of my abilities. In school, even though procrastination is a bad habit, I will always work my hardest the night before, no matter how long it takes. I would also describe myself as friendly and inclusive as I always make sure that everybody feels welcome. There are many personality traits which make me who I am.

My main interests and hobbies include watching TV shows, watching YouTube, listening to music, catching up with friends, and reading. I am not a very creative or artistic person. Instead, I would rather read in my free time. I love to Skype with friends, and that is a great way to pass time. Also, it helps me to keep in touch with friends who I do not get to see every day at school. I would say that I love to be alone (reading, or watching TV shows or YouTube), as well as spending time with others (with friends, family, or Skype).

My Life Line

My life line include the various events which have made me the person I am today. From the day when I was born, until now. I would say that every event in my life has shaped me greatly, and every single day has a great impact on how I live my life. The following are the most important life events of all; the events which I will forever remember. I will always have a piece of these events with me, since they have each helped to shape me into who I am today.

My Favourite Things

In my life, I would say that I have many favourite things. I am very indecisive, and my favourite things change very often. For example, my favourite song changes almost weekly. The following are some of my favourite things currently.

Justin Bieber

My favourite singer is Justin Bieber. He has been one of my favourite singers for years, and I do not think this is going to change any time soon. My love for music and Justin Bieber is something that most people know about me. I think that the reason why I love his music so much because I love pop music, and I have been listening to his music for a long time.

Although many would say that he is a bad role model, I believe the opposite. He has done many great things such as help out with charities.

Throughout the years, I have tried very hard to win tickets to his Believe Tour and his current Purpose World Tour. I tried everything; from entering online contests to calling radio stations. Although I have not gone to a concert yet, I am sure once I have a job I will go. It will be a dream come true to see him in concert, and I cannot even begin to explain what a dream come true it will be if I ever met him.

The following is one of my favourite performances of his, from the Billboard Music Awards in 2013. I hope one day to see such a great performance live in person. I do not have a favourite song of his, because as I said earlier, I am very indecisive and cannot seem to pick just one song.

Justin Bieber performing Take You at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards!


My favourite TV show is Glee. I would say that this is my favourite TV show because I love musicals, and this show is a musical. I began Glee in 2014, and watched the final episode as it aired on March 20th, 2015. It was one of the first TV series I have finished. I would say that I had a personal connection with many of the characters and that is was makes it so important. To summarize, the show is about a group of high school students at McKinley High School. They are a part of a Glee club and through the club is how the discover who they are, and find their strength and their voice.

My favourite character on the show was Rachel Berry. I think I saw a lot of myself in her, as she was very hard-working. I would also describe her as indecisive as every week she seemed very different. She acted as a perfectionist and I think that I am a perfectionist too.

Although some parts of the show did not relate to me, I still loved every minute of it. I still go back to re-watch old episodes.

Below, is one of my favourite performances from the show. It is from the series finale, where all Glee members, old and new joined together one last time.

Glee "Home" (Full performance) HD

Ellen DeGeneres

The Ellen Show is one of my favourite talk shows to watch when I am feeling down. I love Ellen's great sense of humor, and I love how she is always so giving. She surprises many people, and changes peoples' lives. I want to be as generous as her once I get older. If I ever met Ellen or was even on her show, my life would be complete. I constantly imagine what it would be like to be sitting in the chair beside her on her show. Maybe one day I could do something so great which gets me to be noticed by Ellen. Even though I do not get to watch her show live on TV since I have school, I always make sure to catch up on her YouTube channel or on the EllenTube website or app. Even though I do not know Ellen personally, it feels like I do since I watch her show daily.

To summarize, I would say that the reason why Ellen is one of my favourite people is because she is so generous, and giving. I adore her sense of humor since it is what I like to watch when I am feeling sad. Ellen never fails to put a smile on my face.

Click on the link below for a good laugh.

My Leadership Style: Leader as a Consultant

To describe my leadership style, I would say that I am a "Leader as a Consultant". As this type of leader, I am very encouraging of my group members. I show my encouragement by making the team to participate in decision making. I do not make all of the decisions by myself. I encourage participation of all members by doing votes on decisions. I do not make all final decisions myself. To make sure each group member is working their best, I like to rely on each person's area of expertise. By relying on each person and giving them tasks which they excel at, I make sure that each person is doing their share of the work, and they are likely to finish it since it is a task which they are good at.

I mostly exercise this type of leadership at school when doing group projects. For example, if there is an assignment, I will split up the work based on what each person's area of expertise is. For example, if one person is artistic, they could do the poster or any drawings that need to be made. A personal example where I used this type of leadership was during a civics assignment. The assignment was to have a political party campaign. We had to complete a poster, video, speech, and brochure. The work was split based on what each group member was good at. I wrote the speech because I am good at writing, and someone who was good at video editing worked on our video. We also made decisions as a group because when deciding what our political party will offer, we decided as a group and had votes for all final decisions. This situation was only one of the many situations which represent me as a leader as a consultant. I do not make all decisions myself, but instead make them as a group and vote. Also, I make sure all members are encouraged to do their best and do their part in an assignment. Although in some other situations I demonstrate other types of leadership, I would say most of the time I am a leader as a consultant.

My Influences

My Best Friends

My main influences are my best friends since I spend almost all day with them. Many would say that friends are a bad influence, but I would say that my friends are a good influence. They give me great advice and they help me in difficult situations. I know I can always count on them. For example, if I need advice, they will always tell me honestly what I should do. In some cases, my friends help me to break out of my comfort zone, and that makes me a more ambitious person. My friends help me to make better decisions, and explore myself more. In this image is one of my best friends whom I met at volunteering. We immediately clicked and we have so much in common. She is a great influence on me and is always honest with me. I do not know what I would do without Manvir if she was not there for me.

Internal and External Factors

My main internal factor which influences my decisions is that I love to help others. Often, in situations and when making decisions I will always consider how others are feeling. Another internal factor influencing my decisions is that I am very hardworking. To explain, in the summer when I began volunteering, I would go almost every day. This was because I had committed to volunteering for them and I wanted to continue putting my hardest work in. At some times, my internal influences can be negative.

Role Model/People In My Life

My Brother, Harjot Malhi

My brother is one of the biggest role models in my life. My brother is 6 years older than me and we are very close. Even though I think he is very annoying, we always have good times together. In his life, my brother has been greatly independent. I wish I could be more independent like him. My brother is the kind of person to always speak his mind. I do not do that often, and would like to be more outspoken about my thoughts like him. Also, he has successfully gone to university. This shows that he works hard for things that he wants.

My brother is my biggest role model because of his personality traits which I admire. He has also worked hard in his life so far to get to where he is and I would like to also one day be as proud of my accomplishments as he is.

My Future

My main future goal is to go to university. Currently, I am not sure about which career I would like to pursue, but I do hope for it to be something which I enjoy for a lifetime. I hope that throughout this careers course, I learn what I would like to be. That way I can plan out future classes.

My main goal is to go to university. I would love to attend University of Toronto, as that is where most of my cousins and my brother went. As I learned in my personality tests, social sciences and mathematics are my top two knowledge areas. Those are two fields in which I am considering a career. In social sciences I am considering being a social worker. In the mathematics field, I am considering a job in banking, or becoming a financial analyst. I say that because math is something I can do quickly, efficiently, and I understand well. Social sciences is also very captivating to me because I love to help others, and I want my job to be a job where I am changing lives. I want to impact peoples' lives in ways.

To achieve either one of these careers, I plan to go to university, and work as hard as possible. I hope to get some experience from co-op to make sure if these careers are the the right choice for me.

Although currently I am not sure about what I want to be, I know that I would like to change lives or use mathematics in my job. Once I know exactly which job I would like to pursue, I will have a clearer plan for post-secondary education.

Family Symbols

My family consists of 4 people: my parents, my older brother, and myself. Occasionally, two of my grandparents stay with us. We have great times with each other and I think that my family is very different from other families. The following family symbols are what make my family unique and make us different from other families.

Personality Test Results

By completing a multiple intelligences test, a true colours test, and a number of career spectrum quizzes on myBlueprint, I have learned more about myself. I have learned things I did not know about myself before. I also learned that each aspect of myself relates to the other. For example, my motivations relate to my personality and true colour. Completing all of these personality tests helped me plenty to think more about my future goals and how my personality works to achieve these goals. I now have a greater understanding of what to look for when making a career choice. I learned about what my motivations will be, how I will learn or work best, learning styles, etc.

Learning Styles Test: Auditory-Kinesthetic

Result: Auditory-Kinesthetic


  1. Auditory - 37%
  2. Kinesthetic - 33%
  3. Visual - 30%

For my learning style, my result was auditory-kinesthetic. This means that I learn best by listening and doing hands-on activities. I would say that these results are partly accurate, because I expected my results to be visual-auditory.

My detailed results tell me that as an auditory learner, I learn best by reading out loud, listening to audiobooks, and listening to instructions. I would say that this is partly correct, since I understand better when listening to instructions. Sometimes, I study better if I am reading out my notes, and explaining the concepts to another person. To add on, I would say that I am not always an auditory learner, because I dislike listening when taking notes. I would rather listen and also see a visual, such as a PowerPoint or a handout. This takes me to my next point which is that I would better describe myself as a visual learner. I think this because in my notes, I colour-code with different colours. This helps for me to remember better because I can associate concepts with different colours. Another example is that mind maps help me to remember how different topics relate to each other. I would not think of myself as a kinesthetic learner because I dislike constructing models, and I dislike doing more hand-on activities. I would rather read and write notes because it is easier for me. Overall, my results were half correct. As I am an auditory learner, but I am not a kinesthetic learner. If I were to give myself a final result, I would say auditory-visual.

Personality Test: ISFJ

Result: ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)


According to this quiz, my learning style is ISFJ, meaning introverted, sensing, feeling, judging. In my opinion, this result is greatly accurate. The description says that this personality type is mainly helpful, observant, and patient. They avoid conflict and risk taking whenever possible. They understand feelings of others. I would say that this is very accurate because all of those traits apply to me. In most situations, I avoid taking any risks. Also, I am kind, and helpful. I am greatly observant, noticing the littlest things such as a tilted frame. As it says in the description, I am also very detail-oriented, and a perfectionist. I enjoy socializing with others. I will always complete tasks to the best of my ability, even if it is the night before. I would say that I am reliable because of that. I am reliable since people can trust me to complete tasks effectively. Also, I have trouble saying "no" when people ask for favors. I am also sensitive to criticism.

There are not many traits in the ISFJ personality type which I disagree with. It says that I do not like being in the spotlight, but at some times I do like to be in the spotlight if it is for an achievement. Also, it says that an ISFJ personality type is patient, but, I am not patient. Lastly, I am not private/reserved as it says in the description. Instead, I would say that I am very trusting with others and am willing to tell them about myself. In conclusion, I greatly agree with the results from this quiz, except for some minor details.

Interests Test: The Confidant

Result: The Confidant (SC)

Scores (Interest Traits):

  1. Social - 77%
  2. Conventional - 65%
  3. Enterprising - 63%
  4. Investigate - 42%
  5. Artistic - 40%
  6. Realistic - 27%

For the third quiz, which was the interest type quiz, my result was “The Confidant”. The description tells me that I can be trusted by others. It describes me as a loyal friend and employee. It says that I support others, am well organized, and provide good advice. I would say that is very accurate to myself because I am always organized. My school work is always organized; I take organized notes, my biner is well organized, and I always know where everything is. Also, when giving advice I do not just give the most "exciting" piece of advice, instead, I give honest advice. I will point out the negatives and positives of each situation and give honest advice on how I would handle the situation. It also says that I am detail-oriented and that I avoid taking risks. This is very accurate to myself. As relating to the previous quiz, it says that I avoid taking risks. It also says that even though I enjoy being with others, but I like to work independently since that is how I focus better. I think these quiz results are very accurate, as I am generous, supportive, organized, and practical.

My top two interest traits according to this quiz are social and conventional. I think social relates to because it involves helping people, assisting people, and serving others. I would like to have an occupation in which I can help and change peoples’ lives for the better. A conventional job is very well organized and roles and tasks are clearly defined. I would like a job like this because I do not work well in disorganized areas, and like to have all of my tasks clearly laid out.

Knowledge Test: Social Science

Result: Social Science


  1. Social Science - 100%
  2. Mathematics - 78%
  3. English - 78%
  4. Business - 67%
  5. Languages - 61%
  6. Computers - 56%

For The knowledge survey, my top subject area is social science, with 100%. Social sciences help to understand society, and aspects of society. This includes history, geography, law and politics. I would say that this is one of my top subject areas because when I grow up, I think my dream job would be involved with politics. Although, currently, I am not as educated in this subject area.

My second highest subject area is mathematics and I agree because it is one of my strongest subjects. In school, I excel in my math classes since I am hard-working and always complete my homework. By being hard-working, and completing all of my homework, I am getting practice and that helps me to be good at math. To add on, I agree with this since a career in banking is also something which I would consider.

Third is English. I would say either English or languages would be my third option personally. I enjoy writing, but I also love to learn to write and understand new languages. Communications in different languages is something I greatly value. I love to be able to connect with as many people as possible, and help as many people as possible. Different languages is vital for that since no everybody knows English.

I mainly agree with these results, since law and politics, or mathematics greatly interest me in a future career.

Motivations Test: Relationships

Result: Relationships


  1. Relationships - 86%
  2. Achievement - 81%
  3. Support - 61%
  4. Working Conditions - 47%
  5. Recognition - 47%
  6. Independence - 28%

According to this quiz, my top motivation factor is relationships. This means that I want to form friendships and connections with people around me. It means that I value friendly, honest, and cooperative environments where teamwork and support are the norm. I would say that this greatly resembles me because I greatly value honest friendships. I dislike friendships and relationships when people are not honest. Also, I am very easygoing and can easily make friends after knowing the person for just a few days. I think in a workplace,relationships would be a great motivation factor for me since it helps me to work better when I know people around me.

I often look for the opportunity to help and support others. A job which allows me to help others (such as in the social sciences) would be a goal for me as that motivates me, and makes me feel good. I would like a job where I can have friendly co-workers, opportunities to help others, and live freely by my beliefs.

Multiple Intelligences Test: Intrapersonal

The results of this multiple intelligences quiz were not as I expected. In order from strongest to weakest, my results were: intrapersonal (with a score of 100), logical (with a score of 80), existential (with a score of 60), interpersonal (also with a score of 60), musical (with a score of 50), verbal (with a score of 50), visual (with a score of 50), naturalist (with a score of 40), and kinesthetic (with a score of 10). From these results, I can tell that my strongest multiple intelligence is intrapersonal, and my weakest multiple intelligence is kinesthetic. Intrapersonal means that I can understand my own emotions, motivations, inner states of being, and self-reflection. My weakest multiple intelligence, kinesthetic, means that I am not very strong in physical aspects.

My strongest intelligence, intrapersonal, did somewhat surprise me because I was expecting my top intelligence to be interpersonal. I would say that I am not 100% intrapersonal (as my results said) because I often have mixed feelings about many situations. I would say that I do not know how I am feeling very often. I would say that I am not very good at self-reflection and self-regulation. Although, I partly agree because when I get involved in an activity or task, I will think of the end product and put my hardest work in. I also enjoy helping others, and that motivates me. In my opinion, I would say that my strongest intelligence would be interpersonal because I value relationships, and like to be around others. Although, when working in groups focus is difficult. I also agree with the statement that said politics is important because I think it is important to have rules for all, and equity for all. I would also say that I am interpersonal because I value others’ emotions. For example, when working in groups I will make sure all have an equal say. I know that relationships are important to me because of the quizzes which I took on myBlueprint yesterday, which ranked my top motivation as relationships. I was not surprised about kinesthetic being my lowest intelligence because I am not athletic, and do not like building models, or crafts, etc. I do not like doing hands-on activities. Overall, I am not very surprised with my results, but I think I would switch the positions of intrapersonal and interpersonal.

Now knowing my strongest multiple intelligence, it can help me with my learning because now I know that I work better independently. Also, when I work on tasks, I know that I will always put 100% of my effort in. I also learn better when I have an emotional attachment to the subject, so maybe I should find something in my classes which relates to me and interests me. My attitude affects my learning, so I think that I should always have the best mindset when going into class. I also know that because of my multiple intelligence, I am concerned with social justice issues, so I should probably do things to make a change. I like to help others and that is a motivation factor for me. In conclusion, I would say that the multiple intelligences quiz helped me to gain a better sense of my learning, and why I am passionate about certain things. For example, I am passionate about helping others, and I now know that that is because of my intrapersonal multiple intelligence.

True Colours Test: Responsible Gold/Harmonious Blue

I do agree with my true colours assessment. I had expected my results to be responsible gold because I would say that responsibility is one of my strongest traits. The description says, “Your basic needs are for structure, security and to be of help to others.” I would say that this statement greatly reflects my personality because I like to work with a plan/with a structure, so that I can follow specific steps when working. Also, as it says, one of my basic needs is to be of help to others. This greatly relates to me because I will always help others when needed. My multiple intelligences quiz also had results which said that I help others and pay attention to others’ feelings. I think these results were very accurate since I am always planning ahead, and helping others.

To continue, with my true colour being gold, it means that I am always organized. I would say that this is true because I always keep my school binder and notebooks organized. Organization is also one of my strongest traits. To add on, the description says that I follow rules and respect authority. Rules are always something I take into consideration before doing anything. Also, I am very loyal to those around me and those who trust me. I do whatever is asked by others, and I am sure to keep secrets.

Overall, I expected my results to be responsible gold. I am always responsible with handing work in on time, and am always responsible when given any task. I will complete it to my best effort and make sure I finish it on time. I am organized, loyal, and respectful. These traits make my dominant colour gold.

After completing the second True Colours Test, my results were different. In my first attempt, from most dominant to least, my results were: gold, blue, green, and orange. In my second attempt, from most dominant to least, my results were: blue, gold, green, and orange. As you can tell, blue and gold have switched spots and in my second attempt. I think my results are different because after reading each description on the website, I would say that half of the blue traits apply to me, and half of the gold traits apply to me. For example, for blue, I am empathetic, loyal, inclusive, and compassionate. But from the description I would disagree with it saying that my weakness is being disorganized. Since I said earlier that one of my strongest traits is being organized (relating to responsible gold). For gold, the key traits which apply to me are, committed, responsible, faithful, helpful, and organized. After completing two different true colour tests, I have found out that I have two dominant colours: gold and blue.

Compatibility Tests

I completed three compatibility surveys. They were: guidance counsellor, financial analyst, and human rights officer. I got the highest results for guidance counsellor, at 74%. I would say that this is an occupation which I have considered and would enjoy. It is a job in which I can directly help people and I enjoy that. I would like to help students with any problems which they may have. This job relates to my top subject area of social sciences.

Second place was financial analyst. I think I would enjoy this job because it involves mathematics, which I am good at. This job could also allow me to work with others, and build relationships with co-workers and more. This job relates to my second highest subject area of mathematics.