About Me

From: Your big sister. To: My little sister


I really like volleyball. This is going to be my fourth year playing volleyball. I play Libero, which is back row. I am most likely going to play in high school and I hope that I can play until I am at least eighteen.


I also like to play golf. I have played golf for about 1-2 years. I usually practice 2 to 3 times a week and my dad also plays with me.


I used to do dance. I started at the age of 3 and ended it in the fourth grade due to volleyball. I did 4 different types of dances they were Hiphop, jazz, ballet, and tap.

My favorite.....

color is: light blue and light purple. I also like neon colors.

food is: shrimp

sweet is: any milk chocolate or sour patch

book is: I don't have one. I like the Harry potter books, theTwilight series, Divergent trilogy, unwind, Entwined, Maze Runner trilogy, pendragon series, etc...

movie is: I have no clue!!!!

sport is: golf and volleyball.


I also like to read.I am currently reading Truesight and it is actually pretty good. I like to read a lot of dystopian and sci-fi books

More About ME!!

I have two younger siblings. One of them also plays volleyball. I love watching Americas Got Talent, The Voice, and Survivor. I also frequently watch HGTV, Travel Channel, and Food Network. I am in eighth grade and I have had the same ELA teacher for 3 years (this is my third year with her). I ran cross country for school. I am also excited to meet you.


What about you? What are your favorite things to do? When is your birthday? Mine is

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