Virtural Resume

Rashpal Japra

Academic Goal: I will be aiming to get a 90% or above average by the time I graduate high school

S: I will be aiming to get a 90% or above by the time I graduate high school

M: This is a measurable goal because I have 2 and a half more years until I graduate, and if I give my effort and dedication I can achieve this goal by the end of 2018. I will know when this goal is reached because it will be in my grade 12 year with my final marks.

A: The actions that I will take to achieve this goal is to focus on my work and pay attention in class. I will attempt to work at least 1-2 hours on my homework and also study 1-2 hours as well. If I stay with these rules until I graduate high school I can achieve my goal.

R: This is a realistic goal because, as I mentioned before I have a lot of time until I graduate high school. So if I start my goal early this is considered a realistic goal. Also this is an important goal to me because outside of school there are a lot of university's looking for the best marks possible. If I achieve this goal this will give me a better chance at those university's acceptances.

T: The time frame for this goal is until I graduate high school, around 2018. I also want to check my progress each year. So each year I hope to get closer to that 90% average, so by the time I'm in grade 12 that 90% average is very close to me. This is a goal that can not be done in my grade 12 year alone. I hope that in grade 10 and 11 I start the progress of the 90% average.

Volunteering SMART goal: I want to graduate high school with 150 hours of community service

S: I want to graduate high school with 150 hours of community service

M: To make things clear I already have 100 hours of community service, I am looking for that extra 50 hours. The methods that I will be using are to associate with as many people that I can. By doing this I can start to work at several places, and this will help me to get to my goal faster and easier. I will know when this goal is completed because I will have my 50 hours. I will attempt to at least volunteer 1 hour each day in the summer, not including weekends.

A: The steps that I need need to take in order to meet my goal are, as mentioned before I will associate with more individuals so I can get closer with more places to volunteer at. The more that I do this this will give me a better chance to get more involved with the community, giving me a better and faster chance to get those 50 more hours.

R: This is an important goal to me because this is what I need to graduate. This is important during this time because this is the start. It is very significant because I do not want to be spending my grade 12 year doing my community service. This is the type of goal that should be done very early, so in the future this does not cause problems.

T: Some small goals that I can take are to go online to the internet and look for local places that are looking for volunteering students. This will save me some time for later because then I get started with the community service earlier. Furthermore, the time frame that I'm looking to get involved is during the summer and late of June. The small goal of going on the internet and looking for places to volunteer at should be done during these months. This is significant because as soon as the summer starts I can get straight to work, not wasting time looking for a place to volunteer.

Challenges and Solutions

Career: Software engineering
Challenge 1: Stress and depression

There are many types of software engineers, they all deal with software and programming however there can be different tasks at times. Most software engineers are working with coding and programming new software, however they can have tasks where they have to create brand new softwares. Many companies hire software engineers to have them create new software like, programs, apps and short-cuts. Tasks like this can be challenging because they involve new ideas and the public's approval. This is challenging in two ways because, when the software engineer has to create a new app there has to be new original ideas which can be very difficult to do. This can lead to months of thinking, and with the companies constantly rushing you to finish, this can lead to stress. Furthermore, when it gets time to release the app, this puts a lot of pressure on the software engineers if the public likes it or not. This can also put the software engineers into stress and depression. The large challenge for this career is being able to create a brand new app for companies in a short amount of time and still hope to get positive feedback from the public. This can be very stressful and can cause depression. The solution to this can be to find a company or boss that gives you the respected time knowing that it’s difficult to come up with new ideas under a short period of time. Also the software engineer should do things like ask for the public’s feedback in order to create the best app that everyone enjoys.

Challenge 2: Physically demanding

The second challenge of this career includes staring at screen for several hours. This career only includes working at a computer. This career can get challenging at times because this can result with many hours on the computer putting a lot of pressure on the body. This can cause many eye-related symptoms like, headache, dry eyes, difficultly focusing, fatigue, blurred vision, and shoulder and neck pain. What makes this challenging is that many software engineers or any other computer technicians have to deal with these symptoms almost every single day. This career can get very physically demanding at times. Some ways to prevent symptoms like these can be to use applications that change the brightness and contrast depending on the brightness in the room. This can be useful because depending on the brightness in the room the computer will use the right amount of brightness, putting less pressure on the eyes. Secondly, for the individual working in this job he or she should take a 5 minute break every 45 minutes used on the computer. Some things that the individual can do is to stretch their neck and shoulders and relax their eyes. This can help because, taking a break every 5 minutes will mean that there is not a lot of pressure going to your eyes and body all at once.

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Future Resume

Rashpal Japra

555- Candy Street drive | Brampton, Ontario L6R 000 | 555-555-555 |

To obtain a career in technical software relating with computer technology. Want to obtain a career in software engineering.


The Computer Engineering Board of Canada (CEBC) 2022-2023

v Universal Software engineering license 2022-2023

McMaster University 2018-2022

v Bachelors of Computer software/ Software engineering 2018-2022

v Academic average of low- to- mid 80s 2018-2022

v Achieved a 3.2 GPA 2018-2022

v Qualified professional in designing, coding and testing large software 2018-2022


Louise Arbour Secondary School

v Ontario Secondary School Diploma 2014-2018

v Grade 9 honor roll and academic math award 2014-2018

v Took all academic courses in both grade 9 to 11 2014-2018

Job Experience

Best Buy | Heartland Town Centre | 2019- 2022

v Welcomed and guided customers to new phone accessories in the store

v Educated and sold customers desired products

v Worked as a team with other people around me

Rogers | 9980 Airport Rd | 2016-2019

v Helped many customers with their internet, television, and cable problems over the phone

v Being detailed and oriented by telling the customer what to do, step by step

v Respected customers, and people around me

Japra Electronics Store | 998 Springdale Dr. 2014-2016

v Maintained a clean and safe work area, showing products and cleaning up after

v Arrived everyday on time (the days I worked)

v Had a powerful relationship with the customer and provided a well inspiring approach towards the customer’s desires and needs.


NDP Community Office 2015-2016

v Went to many houses putting signs and papers at doors

v Went door to door doing canvasing

v Educated many individuals, why they should vote for the campaign I’m supported with

Brampton Soccer Center 2013-2015

v Managed and organized activities for the youth undertaking great responsibility

v Shown a lot of leadership, organizing activities for the youth

v Taking initiative by making every child participate

Skills and Abilities

Excellent customer service skills

v Always helped and informed customers about which product will be the best for them

v Adapted to the work environment and individuals around me

Time Management

v Completed tasks every day and worked productively throughout my jobs

v Balanced both school and a part time job at a high degree

Computer Technology/ Electronics

v Delivered appropriate information of the products being sold to the customers

v A very high degree of knowledge with computer technology


v Computer software/programming

v Swimming

v Kindness to others


Mr. H. Khalon
NDP federal candidate for Brampton East

+1 (6470 620 3258

Mr. B. Thomas

Best Buy Brampton ON, Manager


Mr. J. Dylan
McMaster University, Professor, Head computer programmer