GES Family Newsletter 8.25.21

The Green Gem...Where Students and Staff are Treasured.

There's No Place Like Home!

Welcome HOME GES Family! We can't wait to welcome our students back to in-person learning in our brand new building.

First Day of School!

The first day of school brings much excitement and a lot of uncertainty for students and parents. Please trust that our experienced staff of teachers, instructional assistants, tutors, secretaries, custodians, school counselors and school resource officers, will all be ON DECK and ready to assist students with finding their classrooms.

We promise to make sure students are....

-met at the bus or car rider line

-greeted in a friendly and welcoming manner

-guided safely and quickly to their teachers

This year we have adapted our first day procedures to accommodate a school full of students who have never seen their classroom.

Arrival Procedures...

1. First, all Kindergarten and First grade students will be escorted off the bus first and taken immediately to the cafeteria where their teachers will be waiting for them. Once all students have arrived, teachers will walk the whole class down to the classroom. This allows students to see their teacher within minutes of arriving and be in a safe and comfortable space with their age appropriate peers.

2. Second, all second graders will be escorted off the bus and taken immediately to their teachers in the second grade hall adjacent to the front lobby.

3. Next, all third graders will then be brought off of the bus and taken to their teachers in the media center. Once all buses have arrived, teachers will lead their class up the main lobby blue steps and into their classroom.

4. Finally, all fourth and fifth grade students will be brought off the bus and taken to the gymnasium to meet their teachers and will be brought up to the second floor to their classrooms once everyone has arrived.

5. All car riders will be escorted from their cars to the appropriate grade level meeting rooms as they arrive.

As has been our practice at GES for the last 28 years, parent visitation is not permitted on the first day. Parents who drop off their children are asked to say good bye at the door and allow a staff member to escort their child to the appropriate grade level location.

What can parents do to help?

-Label all student items with their full name, especially their backpack and lunchbox.

-(Grades K - 2) Make your child a name tag to wear the first day with their name, teacher's name and bus number.

Important Dates For Back to School

Monday, August 30th - Meet the Teacher 4PM-6PM (CANCELLED)

Wednesday, September 1st - First day of school for K - 5 students!

Monday, September 6th - Labor Day - NO SCHOOL

Thursday, September 9th - First day for PreK students.

Thursday, September 16th - Tentative "Back To School Night" (TBD)

Monday, September 27th - Professional Development for Teachers - NO SCHOOL

Free breakfast & lunch for all students.

While meals for all children are currently free, families who normally fill out Free and Reduced Meal Benefit applications should still complete and turn in the application. Meal benefit applications affect school programs such as Title 1, Maryland Meals for Achievement and other initiatives that impact children.

Face Masks

Masks are now required for all individuals inside CCPS buildings, regardless of vaccination status, when students are present.

Our goal at GES is to keep students and staff as safe as possible. We want to keep our doors open and available to all students for in-person learning. We understand that there are many opinions on this topic but we kindly ask for your continued support as we navigate Covid19.

In addition to face masks....

-Student desks will be placed 3 feet apart in the classroom, whenever possible, as recommended by the CDC.

-Seating charts will be kept in the classroom, bus and cafeteria in the event contact tracing is necessary.