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WEEK OF January 2, 2022


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Dates to Remember

January 3: School starts after Winter Break

January 4: Routine COVID testing for students and staff

January 6: PTO Meeting 6:00 - Hyman Fine Library

January 11: Routine COVID testing for students and staff

January 14: Early Dismissal 12:25

January 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day – No School

January 18: Routine COVID testing for students and staff

January 25: Routine COVID testing for students and staff

Hello Families,

Happy New Year! I hope your family enjoyed the holidays and everyone is ready to return to school tomorrow. Please read the message below from our nurses. It was sent via a Remind. Pay careful attention to our communication methods. In most cases, we will be emailing you.

“Return to School Message from APS Nurses:

As you are all aware, since Thanksgiving we have been experiencing rising numbers of COVID cases. We would like to review some guidance as we plan to return to school next week.

  1. First, we anticipate that there will be an overwhelming amount of calls related to COVID cases and Close Contacts as we return to school. We are asking that you contact the nurses through email for any reporting information and all questions. Please be patient and watch for a return email from the School Nurse. The contact information for each school nurse is on page three of this message.
  2. We are also asking that in the future, all families watch for emails from your child’s school daily. We are unable to maintain the volume of calls required to notify families when a child has been determined to be a close contact in school. Calls will still be made to families to inform you if your child is a 0-3’ Close Contact when the child is not vaccinated and not part of the Test and Stay Program as this requires discussion on options. In most cases you will be notified through email when your child has been identified as a close contact along with instructions.
  3. DO NOT send your child to school sick. DO NOT send your sick child to school to be tested for COVID. Monitor for symptoms daily.
    COVID-19 symptoms list:
    • Fever (100.0°Fahrenheitorhigher),chills, or shakingchills
    • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Muscle aches or body aches
    • Cough(not due to other known cause,such as chronic cough)
    • Sore throat, when in combination with other symptoms
    • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea when in combination with other symptoms
    • Headache when in combination with other symptoms
    • Fatigue, when in combination with other symptoms
    • Nasal congestion or runny nose(not due to other known causes, such as allergies) when in combination with other symptoms
  4. If your child has recently tested positive for COVID, please do not send them to school until you have contacted the nurses by email to determine the date they are cleared from their isolation period. When you email the nurse please include the date symptoms started and/or the date they tested positive.
  5. If your child is a Close Contact from outside of school. Contact the nurse by email to determine when they are cleared to return. Do not return to school until cleared by the nurse.
  6. Consider participating in the weekly COVID Routine Testing and Test & Stay Program. The link is available above and through your building principals’ weekly messages.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and vigilance as we navigate through these times. Best of health in the New Year.

The Attleboro Public Schools Nurses

Nurse Contact Information:

Hyman Fine School Nurse

Karen Mages,


District Nurse Coordinator

Deb Ebert, RN

District Nurse

Christine Cerrone, RN

Please pack multiple masks and a water bottle in your children's backpacks daily. Masks should cover the mouth and the nose without slipping down .

Keep informed throughout the year by checking your email and our website, sign up for remind notifications, read the News Flash on Sundays and follow Hyman Fine on Facebook too!

Have a great week ahead!

Mrs. Martin

Message about Sick Children

Before the holidays we saw a higher than normal incidence of sick and symptomatic students. As a result it is requested that you do not send children to school when they are sick or symptomatic for both health and safety reasons. If your child is deemed a close contact outside school they will need to stay at home following the timeline you are given; please let us know when your child will not be in school and let us know if you need help determining when they can return by emailing the school nurse, Mrs. Mages.

Children will receive instruction that is missed when they return to school. Teachers will not be providing packets for children to complete at home. There is plenty your child can do at home to practice and strengthen their skills.

Children can work on Lexia and ST Math; guidelines for the programs are below to help you support your child. Children can also practice sight words and work on mastering math facts. We request that all children read every day - don't forget to fill in your reading calendar!

If you are looking for more; check out our website for additional resources - click on For Students.

You can also check out these at home digital resources.

DESE Educational Resources for Students and Families


Distance Learning Center



Wide Open School (ending 12/31/21)



K-4 Lexia and ST Math

Individualized, Technology-Based Programs that can be Accessed through Clever

Lexia® Core5® Reading is a literacy program that provides explicit and systematic

reading instruction in six areas: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis,

fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Here is a video explaining Lexia Core 5.

  • At the beginning of the school year all students completed a placement test and began working in Core5 at a starting point that fits his or her needs. The online activities in the program provide direct instruction and feedback while instructing new skills.

  • It is important that all students work without any help while using Core5. The work completed in Lexia is recorded and reported to teachers who use the information to see when additional support is needed. You may find it helpful to explain the directions in your own words if your child is having trouble understanding how to do an activity.

  • When your child logs in or logs out, take a look at the Student Dashboard together. Talk about the progress your child is making toward their “weekly time goal” and the “number of units” they've completed. Keep in mind that the target number of minutes is for the entire week, not per day!

ST Math is a game-based instructional program that starts by teaching math foundational concepts visually, then connects the ideas to the symbols, language, and academic conversations.

Check out this parent video explaining ST Math: What is ST Math?

  • The game puzzles in ST Math start off simple and then get more challenging as the student progresses. When your child reaches a challenging problem, they may ask for your help. Use the "ST Math Home Support Resources" below to assist them at difficulty.

  • Your role as a parent is to support and facilitate. Rather than giving your child the answers, encourage them to keep trying and guide them through the puzzles. Let them know that it’s okay to struggle, make mistakes and get answers wrong- That's when real learning happens! The great news is if a mistake is made, JiJi (the penguin) teaches you. Make sure to remind your child to watch the screen after each and every puzzle attempt.

ST Math Home Support Resources

Winter weather is here

Winter is upon us! Children should be coming to school prepared to go outside to play on any day we can get outside. We monitor the temperature with wind chill factor and plan to be outside unless the temperature is below 25 degrees or conditions necessitate being indoors. Please send hats and mittens/gloves and a warm coat every day.

All children should also have a change of clothing in their backpack for unforeseen needs. Try as they might to avoid them, there are times when kids have ended up in a puddle!

We also ask that you send water with your child every day. We are still not having children drink from the school water fountains. Water bottles can be refilled at the sinks if needed during the day.

Thank you for your help making sure your child is ready for school each day!

Chromebook Agreement Update

Please read about updates regarding the use of school chromebooks

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Health and Safety

Please check your child's mask daily to see that it fits properly, covering the mouth and nose without sliding down, adjust the straps if needed.

Spare masks can be sent each day if your child wants to put on a fresh mask following a break.

Please make sure you continue to screen your children for Covid-19 symptoms before sending to school. Please do not send sick children to school.

Routine Covid Testing

Routine Testing this week on Tuesday.

We are at 81% of students in our building participating in our routine COVID testing. If you haven't done so, please sign up here! CLICK TO PROVIDE YOUR CONSENT.

If deemed a close contact at school, students participating in the testing program will be able to avoid quarantining at home and remain in school if testing negative and remaining symptom free through “Test and Stay"

Click here to learn more about close contacts in school settings:


We thank you for your ongoing adherence and encouragement of health and safety guidelines as it has made a difference. We will continue to follow our protocols and be vigilant about our guidelines.

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substitute nurses needed

From the Attleboro Public Schools Nursing Department:

Looking for energetic & qualified RN's that are willing to work as substitute nurses or on a per diem basis in the Attleboro Public Schools. If you think you may be interested you can contact Deb Ebert, Nurse Coordinator for more information at 508-222-5150 x1386. Requirements: Registered Nurse (RN) Massachusetts license Three years nursing experience/preferably in pediatrics.

To apply for a substitute nurse position click on this link



We always appreciate any donations from our families.

If you are able to donate, we could use some of the following:

Bottled water, gel hand sanitizer and child sized disposable masks.

Also, new packages of underwear for when our younger students have accidents.

All donations can be dropped off at the office.

Thank You to all that have helped so far!

Put your Feinstein Jr Scholar Golden Ticket in a safe place!

Winning Junior Scholars receive a $5000. grant for their school and a $500. grant for them to either give to their school or any non-profit of their choice! Plus...a special prize!

Information for using clever

We will be using Clever to sign on to platforms this year. Please find information here.

Free Reduced Lunch Applications

All students enrolled in Attleboro Public Schools will continue to receive free meals regardless of eligibility status. However, families are required to submit updated free/reduced lunch applications annually. Though students will continue to receive free meals, an application must be submitted each school year to qualify for the school to receive additional support. The lunch application can be found HERE .

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School Lunch Menus

Click here to see the menu for November

How to Use the Student Handbook Acknowledgment Workflow

Future Dates to Remember

PTO events and school events and shows are tentative and will be confirmed as we get closer to each date. Dates in bold are confirmed.

January 31 – February 4: PTO Event - Book Fair

February 3: PTO Meeting 6:00 - Hyman Fine Library

February 4: PTO Event – Bingo Night

February 18: Early Dismissal 12:25

February 21 – 25: School Vacation Week – No School

March 3: Kindergarten Information Night

March 10: PTO Meeting 6:00 - Hyman Fine Library

March 24: Grade 2 Show

April 1: Early Dismissal 12:25

April 4 & 5:ELA MCAS Grade 4

April 6 & 7: ELA MCAS Grade 3

April 7: PTO Meeting 6:00 - Hyman Fine Library

April 8: Multicultural Night

April 15: Good Friday – No School

April 18 – 22: School Vacation Week – No School

April 28: Grade 3 Show

May 5: PTO Meeting 6:00 - Hyman Fine Library

May 9 & 10: Math MCAS Grade 4

May 11 & 12: Math MCAS Grade 3

May 16: PTO Event - Fun Run Kick-off - in school

May 19: Grade 4 Show

May 25: PTO Event – Fun Run Day – in school

May 30: Memorial Day – No School

June 3: Last Day of Kindergarten (subject to change with 5 snow days)

June 3 – 10: PTO Event - Book Fair

June 7: Day in the Life of a Kindergartener – for incoming Kindergarteners

June 10: Field Day Grades 1 – 4

June 14: Last Day of School for Grades 1 – 4 (June 22 with 5 snow days)