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America is Athletic

America has shown to be athletic through its creations or sports and demonstrations of domination is world competitions, such as olympics, throughout history since America was created. America has used its athleticism for many things, such as bringing things to attention on grand stages (civil rights movements, diseases that aren't well known or supported) and also to make money. America is athletic and the following information are facts to prove the statement.

History Behind America's Athleticism

First U.S. Olympic Team

In April of 1896, 14 Americans traveled to Athens to compete in the first olympics, where they won 11 out of 14 Olympic championships. This unsupported, last minute, "playground pick up" team, went out, displayed excellence, and stunned everyone. They then became overnight superstars and created "a sudden storm of attention" overseas and back in the states.

These first Olympians get very little credit for the fact that, the coverage of those games were very spotty and inconsistent. The competetors were asked to make reports of the games. "Imagine the modern equivalent: “Hey LeBron, if you aren’t particularly busy, could you send us a report of the game?”. Also the cameras of this time were consistently capable of caputuring the games. Another factor could've been the personality of the competetors. These men were humble guys. Most of them went back to school or went on with normal life and didn't boast on their achievements in Athens.

Athletics Used For Bigger Causes

In 1968, the Olympics were held in Mexico City, where Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood atop the award podium after winning gold and bronze. They stood there as the American national anthem played with their heads bowed and fist raised with black gloves on them. Millions of americans were outraged, but “We were just human beings who saw a need to bring attention to the inequality in our country,” Smith said years later, in a documentary on the 1968 Mexico City games produced for HBO.

In December of 2014, NBA player wore shirts during shoot around with the quote "I can't breathe" on them. Monday night, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Garnett, Deron Williams, Jarrett Jack and Alan Anderson joined James, wearing the shirts before the Cavs-Nets game in Brooklyn. Outside the Barclays Center, about 200 protesters marched and chanted “I Can’t Breathe!” and “No justice! No peace! No racist police!”“You hear the slogan ‘NBA cares’ and it’s more evident than now to show some support,” Garnett said. “Obviously we’re not on the front line of this movement, but I think it’s important being from these communities and supporting these communities.”

America's Athletics Bring In Lots of Capital

Starting with the Superbowl, the largest sports venue in America, it happens once a year and creates $331.8 million, just in network ad revenue. That's $74.8 million more than the 7-game World Series ($257.0M) and $149.7 million more than the 3-game Final Four. networks make a killing selling ads for the Super Bowl as a 30-second spot on NBC this year went for $4.2 million, a 75% increase in just the last eight years.

Visual Representation

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America is Athletic, the visual representation show images of historical events in sports and has interactive, 3-d sporting equipment to represent all of sports presented. In each different group of pictures, each picture is from a different decade up until a modern time event.

The Stripes

The 5 stripes of "white" and red are symbolic of the 5 major sports played in the United States of America. Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, and Track/Field.

The Bat

The bat represent the "mlb", Major League Baseball. This league was the first major league to let African Americans play a sport and also intergrate a sport. Baseball had lots to play in history especially in civil rights.

The Glove and Medals

The glove and medals are a representation of an historical sporting event. They are symbolic to the 1968 olympics when Tommie Smith and John Carlos stood with black gloves on their fist raised in the air, after winning medals in the 100 m event.

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