Kindergarten News

February 8, 2016

Kindergarten Tidbits

Valentines Party is on Friday at 2:15. We are making bags for our valentines. Please have your child write their name on the valentines for classmates. We have 17 students, 2 teachers (Mrs. Knakal and Mrs. Brueck) and one cadet teacher Chloe Brueck. Please do not have them address the valentines to individual students it is too difficult for them to pass them out.

Winter break is next Monday and Tuesday. Enjoy your time off.

100 days of school falls on Friday Feb. 12th. Since we will be celebrating Valentines Day we are going to postpone 100 day activities until the Friday after break. The children will be ask to make a 100 day collection. We will send home a note with some ideas for collections after the break.

What is Happening in Kindergarten

Reader's Workshop

In Reader"s Workshop we are working on pointing to the words as we read them and sounding out word we do not know. We are also rereading words if they do not make sense to us. In our study of pattern books we have found that some of them have a surprise ending. It is fun sharing these books with our Learning partner.

Writer's Workshop

We enjoy reading pattern books and we are also writing them. We are pretty good at writing a pattern and thinking of a surprise ending. Now we are working on writing a pattern book with a see saw pattern. for example : The dog likes bones, the cat likes milk etc. This is a little more difficult, We are still practicing this craft. We are becoming great writers.

Math Workshop

In math we are learning about measurement. We have been working with non-standard measurement such as paper clips, dog bones, strips of paper and our own body. We have measured all sorts of furniture in the classroom. We found things around the room that were the same size as we were and then marked it on a Snoopy dog that was about our size. We had a lot of fun measuring things around the room using our feet. Next week we will be working with standard forms of measurement. It is a lot of fun measuring things and finding out if it is taller, shorter or about the same.