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District Digest - 2016 = Clean Slate - Fresh Start - David Kunda

Happy New Year and greetings as we begin 2016!!!

Solid achievements have been made over the past few years thanks to all within the Gulf South District – and this, the beginning of a new year, we start FRESH and on the right foot! With this clean slate we learn from mistakes made the previous year and accept the challenges placed upon us in 2016. A slow economic market, changes in leadership, and the effects of customers tightening budgets, requiring us to do more with less all posed significant challenges in the 2nd half of 2015. The good news is that we, as a District, despite challenges in other locations and regions, rose to the challenge and delivered on a vast majority of our commitments, as I described in the December newsletter. This is a testament to everyone in the Gulf South working as a team for the same common goals. One Team, One Goal, One Honeywell!!!

With the recent changes to our Sales Representative headcount, 2016 is a critical year to overachieve our mission of $50 Million by 2020. Luckily, due to the quick and proactive approach by our District Sales Leader, Felicia McDade, we have plans in the place to offset the lack of resources with outside-the-box thinking. While searching for reps to provide an immediate impact to our District, Felicia is leveraging third party consultants that give us additional “boots on the ground” to help keep our momentum in building our backlog and service base.

2016 poses several challenges that we must consider everyday:

  1. Recover and improve our delivery capabilities;
  2. Improve our cost competitiveness and educate customers on our world-class technology;
  3. Raise awareness of the Honeywell brand in a broad sense by approaching engineers and design firms;
  4. Continue to improve the technical skills of our employees with recent product engagements (i.e. ProWatch, Tridium N4).

I am confident that meeting these challenges will enable us to grow consistently under any market condition.

Of course, our TOP PRIORITY is ensuring workplace safety – no accidents. We are the best in class within the Region and the Americas, and that should never be taken for granted. In 2015 we had no major incidents and no lost work-time. (Knock on wood). No one will ever be penalized for not feeling safe. Safety a very serious matter that we take pride in being known for practicing. Thank you all for considering Safety as a top priority in 2016.

WE will make 2016 a banner year only because of the effort each and every one of you put forth daily As always, my door is open.

Best wishes to you and your family for a prosperous 2016!

David Kunda

District General Manager

The Spotlight - Employee Highlight - Stephen Greer

Stephen Greer, Project Manager in our Duluth branch welcomed a sweet bundle of joy this month! Owen Clarke Greer was born on Wednesday, 1/13/2016. He spent a few days in ICU but came home with mom and dad on the 16th to a very excited big brother.

Congratulations to the Greer Family from your Honeywell Family!!

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The Building Brief - Greg Dymski

Our 2015 results to plan demonstrated our Install business drove positive results in revenue generation and negative results in Operating Income (Total Profit). We have no problem driving revenue but ensuring that we complete tasks in the most efficient and effective manner will help to improve our business profit. Collectively we all need to do our part to be better. Moving into a new year with new opportunities is a great time to reflect and determine what you can do to better yourself and the team around you. There are numerous ways to improve your skills and my focus and yours should be to ACT.

ACT: take Accountability, Collaborate and emphasize Teamwork. This month, our emphasis focuses on Collaboration. Success requires that we collaborate together in our everyday actions and/or within our job responsibilities. To Collaborate is to work with another person or group in order to achieve something. Without this collaborative mindset, becoming better and gaining knowledge from those we are surrounded by in the organization becomes challenging. Collaboration while performing our daily tasks will ensure that we are doing our part in achieving success. Active participation within our teams not only helps the outcome of our business but also allows all members of the team the needed insight on how we progress and allows us to better our skills. Taking accountability and projecting a true sense of collaboration within your team will make you and your team more successful which encompasses a true teamwork approach to achieving success and out business goals.

This core behavior, if followed, will help guide our team to achieve higher customer satisfaction and better overall results within our region. The Gulf South moto is: People, Customer, Results; what better way to enhance these three key principles than to take accountability, collaborate within our district and demonstrate teamwork with our peers to drive our Q1 results. My question to you, is what can you do differently to ensure that you Collaborate effectively within your team?


Greg Dymski

Gulf South District Operations Leader

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From the Service Corner: 2016 is Finally Here! - Sean Kelly

The start of the New Year is a good time to reflect on the year past and to make a new start, whether in your career, your relationships or your health. It’s a time to take count of your blessings and to focus on the Challenges ahead.

Consider this Quote as inspiration that will exemplify what I think we all need to concentrate on in addition to our daily functions.Colin Powell knew the value of hard work and used it to become very successful as a major political influence in recent times.

Each of us in the Gulf South are an integral part to make this business a success and it all starts with each member making that extra effort to grow our business and make our customers the best that they can be.

Our recent evaluations and review of our results and goals comes at the best time that it could for our team. It affords us the opportunity to level set expectations and really take a hard look at our development as members, as teams, and as a business.

Remember you get out what you put in,

It is my wish is that we all have a very successful New Year in 2016. I want us all to comment to making that a reality.

Best Regards

Sean Kelly

District Service Leader


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