Golden Nugget 3

Pegadogy, Research and Classrooms

TLEG-Fest Wednesday 23rd October 2013

The first TLEG-Fest will be held on Wednesday 23rd October - a chance for all TLEGS to share their enquiries, resources and reflections this term. We will all be in Post-16 (thanks Steve) where a variety of refreshments will be available to mark the end of this busy term! The Fest will take the form of a teachmeet, where each group will share their enquiries so far.

The Programme

3.30pm: Fest begins in Post-16. Refreshments and introductions

3.40pm: Groups 1-8 share their Enquiry Questions and next steps (max 3 mins each)

4.05pm: Open Forum: groups discuss, share, q&a, explore (Twitter, resources, books etc)

4.25pm: Hand back evaluations; depart

TLEGS - the story so far...

Groups have been exploring lines of enquiry around marking/feedback, differentiation and questioning. Questions include:

  • How can we develop and implement smart differentiation strategies that stretch all?
  • Who do we differentiate for?
  • How do we assess in PBL?
  • How can we differentiate for a range of students from high achievers to unmotivated?
  • How do we plan an outstanding lesson?

The TLEG-fest will give groups the opportunity to share the thinking behind their enquiry questions and the process so far that has led them to their current position.

It's (not) got to be... perfect

We are sharing the evolution of our research questions so far. That means that this is not a final exhibition of our research enquiries! It's fine to share the evolution of our questions - there is no 'being behind'! Enquiry is not a quick-fix.


This term has been particularly challenging and we have worked harder than ever to ensure that students are engaged, safe, and able to learn in a stimulating environment. At the TLEG-FEST there will be opportunities to:

  • find out how to create a Twitter account and start your own PLN
  • look at a range of resources including books by Jim Smith ('Lazy Teacher'), Guy Claxton, authors from the 'Perfect' series, and Carole Dweck (resources that will be available from the ICPS in the New Year)
  • talk to staff about their department or individual blogs and get advice on setting yours up