Boy on the Wooden Box

By: Alicia, Braylen, and Lily

Leons Dream Vacation Stay

If Leon went on vacation we believe he would go to a resort on the beach. Leon never had a vacation growing up due to his captivity in Germany. He grew up in a poor family that had more to worry about than taking a trip to the Caribbean. Taking this vacation would allow Leon to relax and not have the worry on his shoulders that the Holocaust put on him.

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During Leon's childhood he is forced into the ghetto. During that time he became very close with Mr.Luftig, a man that they shared an apartment with in the ghetto. Mr. Luftig had a passion for the pipes he collected. When the deportations from the ghetto were happening, Mr. Luftig and his family were among some of the thousands deported out. Mr. Luftig left behind the pipes, because he realized he no longer needed them for where he was going. This is seen and felt by the reader on page 93, "A tremor ran down my spine. Mr. Luftig had determined that whatever his destination, he wouldn't be needing his pipes. It was a disturbing omen." Leon would bring the pipes with him on vacation because it was his last piece of memory of the light that helped guide him till the end of his Nazi nightmare.

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In the selection Leon loses a loved one. His brother Tsalig is taken with his girlfriend during a roundup because neither had a Blauschein of their own. Without having this form of verification saying Tsalig was useful he was sent to a camp named Belzec, an immediate death sentence. At this camp Nazis ended the Jews lives through Mustard Gas. On page 97 Leon thinks to himself'' All I could do was pray that somehow my dearest brother had been spared or found a way to escape". Later in the story it was confirmed that Tsalig died. We believe that Leon would take Tsalig on vacation to see his brother for the last time. Leon was never able to say goodbye to his brother and would like one last memory.
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Clothes would be brought with Leon on vacation, and not just so he could be like everyone else. During Leon's life, he is forced into concentration camps that the cloth hanging off your back; (if you were still lucky to have some on you) was the only thing that was yours. Also Leon went through a point were he was stripped to bare flesh and was forced to pass a physical test. If he didn't pass, then that was the end of his life. This happened on page 152 where Leon listed his thoughts and sentiment, "I am naked. My head is shaved. I am shivering from cold and fear, I am surrounded by total darkness. Gradually night turns to day. I am still naked, now sprinting past stone-faced guards, trying to prove to them how fit I am." This shows the torture Leon had and how just knowing he had rags to put over his body, concentration camp or vacation, can be the difference between life and death.
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