The Dairy of Anne Frank

Otto Frank

Theme paragraph

We must have courage when faced with obstacles in The Diary of Anne Frank. Miep and Mr.kraler helping the Frank's and the Van Daans for a long time and Mr. Dussel too. The Franks had to go into hiding because they didn't want to be prosecuted and killed. They had to have courage because they wouldn't have lasted for 2 ½ years when nazis were killing Jews. They had courage to be quiet from 8:00 to 6:00 everyday. They had courage when they were going into hiding for two years.

Theme paragraph

Perseverance when staying someone for a long time. They kept arguing everyday but got along with each other for two long years. Mr. Frank said “For two long years we have lived in the annex,side by side.” They weren't threatening to beat each other for two years. Yes they were arguing but they never hit each other because they were friends and they needed to stay in hiding. They had to have Perseverance when somebody did something to somebody else.

Symbol paragraph

Mr. Frank was the head person when the Franks,The Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel went into hiding in the annex. Otto Frank is sent to the western front and during the war is promoted to the rank of lieutenant. So he was in charge for a long time. He took charge because no one else could take charge.

Biography paragraph

Otto Frank is born on May 12, 1889 in Frankfurt am Main.Otto marries Edith Hollander in Aachen (Germany) in May 12, 1925. February 16, 1926 Margot Frank is born. June 12, 1929 Anne Frank is born. July 6, 1942 The Frank family goes into hiding. June 25, 1947 Otto gets the diary published in the Netherlands.November 10, 1953 Otto married Elfriede (Fritzi) Markovits.August 19, 1980 Otto dies in Basel(Switzerland).