Patrick Henry - Liberty to Death

A tale of the hero's life, By Daniel Donnelly.

Early Life to Mid-Life

Early Life
On May 29th, 1736, Patrick Henry was born in his small Virginian home, with his several relatives to greet him, and when he arrived- a brilliant lawyer, politician, and revolutionary speech-giver was born. Early on, Patrick lived on a tobacco plantation known as Studley. Patrick was a quiet boy at most times, however- he was adventurous, intelligent, and always helped to settle disputes and arguments. Not only was he always ready for something new, but sometimes he was already prepared. He was hardworking, and was loved by most people who knew him. However, most people called him "lazy" regardless of the fact that it was clear he wasn't. His reputation changed very quickly. As a child, he would hunt in the forests, not just to bring home game that would sometimes be eaten, but to observe the beautiful terrain of the forests. Patrick was always loyal, and listened to his many teachers, including his father, a judge and militia leader, and his father's brother, Parson Henry, who he was named after. One of the people he often listened to was the priest at the church his mother took him to, which helped inspire him to become a great speech-writer and giver. He copied his emotions, which were shown throughout the way he moved his hands about... and the way his voice constantly fluctuated between angry, sad, and joyous.


When Patrick grew up a little, his family had moved around Virginia, and he had eventually married Sarah Shelton when he was 18 years of age. However, Patrick had his bad moments, too. He was given a plantation... one much smaller than the one he grew up around, and sadly, the crops hadn't been growing well lately. Patrick soon began pursuing other careers.

Lawyer & Hero

Patrick eventually became a lawyer himself after only reading TWO law books. However, he still managed to pass the bar, and from there on... he became a FANTASTIC lawyer! The man won nearly 1,000-10,000 cases in only a matter of 3 years! He was famous for one case involving tobacco farms, which helped earn him more respect and cases to help with. Patrick became a very well-known and talented man. Eventually, he joined many councils of famous politicians and other people who worked in law. He even managed to meet both Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Patrick was known as a traitor to the King of England... and in a way, it was treason. But this eventually lead to him becoming the voice of the American Revolution. He helped create famous inspiring phrases such as "NO taxation without representation!" and "Give me liberty, or give me DEATH!" All around the world at the time, Americans shouting for Independence would repeat these words over and over again. And thanks to Patrick and many other people, America became independent.

The End

Eventually, Patrick had his liberty. Which eventually meant he had to have his death soon enough. Patrick grew very old, and became a grandfather, as well as an American hero. He would forever be known as "the voice of the American Revolution." On the day of June 6th, 1799, Patrick died of natural causes at his new home, Red Hill.