No Baseball Game Because of Riots

By: Aden P.

No Baseball Audience Because of Riots in Baltimore

On April 29th, 2015 there was no audience at a Baltimore baseball game. But Why? Well, there were riots in the city that day and the people in the Oriole park wanted to be safe. So, they locked the entrance doors so no one could get in. The riots started because a young black man named Freddy Gray was killed while in custody. The riot are still going on today. My personal thoughts are that it was sad because everybody that got their tickets for that day they couldn't watch and to add to that they could let kid in to watch if they haven't been to a game before. Look at the pictures below to see the lonely park.

Graffiti In National Parks are Making People Angry

In Joshua Tree National Park (CA) people are getting angry because of the graffiti on some boulders. The graffiti artist was Andre Saraiva. He made a beautiful blue giraffe on a boulder. Eventually, they caught him and was fined about $275. My thoughts of this are good and bad. The good thing is that I love looking at the beautiful art and people should be able to show what they can do with paint. The bad part is that they are doing their art in nature and nature is beautiful. Look at pictures below to see graffiti in nature.