Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco California. After his was born he was given up for adoption. Later on Clara and Paul Jobs adopted him.


Steve Jobs was a smart student but never took school seriously. Steve Jobs had a hard time staying focused. He always got in trouble in school because he was bored. In elementary school, his teachers had to bribe him to study for school. He was so smart he was given the chance to skip middle school and go ahead to high school, but his parents said no to the offer.

While Jobs was in middle school he met a guy named Steve Wozniak. They turned out to be best friends because they were both very interested to technology.

After Jobs finished high school, he enrolled to Reed College. He only lasted 6 months before he dropped out.


After dropping out of college, he and Steve Wozniak had an idea to start a business. In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak started Apple computers. Do to the lack in money to fund the business, Jobs had to sell his Volkswagen bus and Wozniak had to sell his scientific calculator.

Just after 3 years in the company, the business was worth $1.2 billion. Since the business was growing, he hired John Sculley to be CEO for Apple. Right after coming out with the Macintosh computer, John Sculley believed that Jobs was hurting the Business and stared pushing him out the company.

In 1985, only 9 years into the company Jobs was force out of the company he helped create.

After leaving Apple

After Jobs left Apple, he invested in a company called Pixar Animation studio. Pixar today is known for the movies Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and Toy Story. He later bought the company in 1996.

One year later, Jobs was accepted back into Apple after making $4 billion with Pixar. Apple wanted Jobs back so the company could make more money. Some of the products the Apple company created were the Iphone, Ipod, Ipad, and Macbook.


In 2003, Steve Jobs found out that he had a tumor in his liver. This tumor was a rare form of pancreatic cancer. After battling the cancer for 8 years, Steve Jobs passed away in 2011.


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