Ela,math,Friends For life

I am going to tell you about what we did in February! My class and I did Cause and Effect, Fractions, Decimals, Equivalent fractions, and Friends For Life.


In Math we are learning about Fractions, Decimals, and Equivalent Fractions. Here is the decimal for 5/10. It is 0.5.



In Ela we are doing Cause and Effect and Infer and Support. Cause and Effect is -what happened-cause-effect. Infer and Support is -Infer i think... -support what happened... -proof...


In gym we have been going skating. We all had so much fun going skating! Gr.5/4 is sad because we had our last skating day. We got to start going cross country skiing! Gym is so fun!

Friends For Life

in Friends For life we have been learning green ( good) and red ( bad) thoughts.