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Creative Trade Show Displays

Try combining trade show display elements to create an illusion - Banners and comfy seating can create the illusion of a lounge. Or if you’re going for something more specific get wild with the pop up displays and table space and how you mix and match them. With a little imagination, an affordable display can be created! There's no limit to what you can build simply by adding extra parts and new graphics.Use existing parts to create their own configurations just by playing around on your own.

Cheese it up - It may seem cheesy but be festive! Choose a theme, whether it be Hawaiian, Mardi Gras or even Star Wars and give people a reason to come to you and strike up conversation by going the extra mile to dress it up!

Use imagery to your advantage with banner stand walls - These allow you to create a full mural as wide as you need to go with your trade show display and yet can be designed in such a way that they can also be used independently. Which offers a lot of versatility at a low price. With many banner stands, there can be a an inch or two gap in-between each one.

Creative design work - sometimes it all boils down to the design to create something truly unique from a standard display. With the right design, even a standard pop up display can go from ordinary to extraordinary. Also, just about any type of display can be accented with cut out graphics, which can be placed just about anywhere if you're thinking outside of the box, even hung by wires if the venue allows.

Integrate technology - It is safe to assume that every person at the trade show will be on their phone keeping busy with with activities ranging from checking feeds to reading the latest news headlines. Create a trade show display that uses that device to your advantage with a marketing tool like a QR code or an interactive app.


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