21st Century Learning - Term 4

New Curriculum


Steph Westwood and Julie Blair have used Sharon Tooney's Maths proforma to create detailed Term 4 Maths programs.

Genre Maps of the Australian Curriculum - A South Australian document but relevant. These maps identify the key genres evident in the Maths, Science, History and Geography curriculum.

On pages 17-19 - a common language explanation of comprehending and composing, text, grammar, word and visual knowledge. This Literacy framework is also found here. (SA document)

New Units of Work

I would like to sincerely thank our colleagues for sharing these units.

Early Stage 1 -

Zoo Animals

Lost and Found - The Tale of One Penguin

Belonging - Our Needs

Stage 1 -

Families Past and Present

Our Land - Our Country

Teddy Bears (S Australian one but I like the setting out), Change Overtime -Plants,
Material World,
Fantasy Genre,

Change Over Time - Plants

We Speak For The Trees

Stories and Change

Stage 2 -


Glass Tears

Starry Starry Night

Cultures and Their Beliefs

Sustainability-Forests (again a S Australian one but I like the setting out),
Safety First,
Rowan of Rin, - C Stephens
Eric and Einstein,
Visual Literacy,
Exploring Visual Literacy.

Story Bird
Stage 3 -


Treasure Box

Where The Forest Meets The Sea - C Stephens

The World According To Warren

Banana Ninja

Red Butterfly


Living Land

Road To Success

The Arrival


Human Interaction With The Environment

Pumululu National Park

Dragon Keeper

Boy Overboard
Facing Adversity.

Science Units

Living Things, Energy and Products and Packaging - created by Fiona Arthurson


Inspired Minds - Writing Examples - Inspiring use of Lego and comics.

Reading Posters

Grammar - New - cool clips on personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia.

Engaging In and Exploring Spelling - SA document.

Point of View - Catchy rap, teaching idea.

Main Idea - Catchy rap, worksheets.


Number - Algebra - New - Board Games Maths Shed, Lunch Lady, Lemonade Stand, Test The Toad,

Measurement - Clock worksheet generator,

Stats - Probability - Snail Race, Probability Line, Dice Throw, Likely Unlikely, Number Drop, Probability Spinners, Probability Fair.

Thinking Mathematically - Riddle Now,

Maths Program - Both Stephanie Westwood and Julie Blair have adapted Sharon Tooney's Maths program to create Term 3-4 programs. Amazing resources!

History - Geography - Science

History Assessment examples.

Design Process added to Snapshot Science.

Science Display Charts - Based on AC but applicable, excellent resource.

Tech Talk section added to Snapshot Science.

Snapshot Science - a small variety of new finds added to most topic areas.

Products and Services - Lots of super resources eg virtual jelly bean factory, frozen vegetables production, peanut butter production.

On-line Geography Encyclopaedia

Doctor Who Comes to MINECRAFT! - Doctor Who Skins Vol 1- Doctor Who


New Apps - A few reading apps, Crochet Craft Creator app,

Super Creating and Thinking on-line activities - Try creating a roller coaster or frog hopping.

A How To document/program to improve the skills of students.

Coding - Teaching ideas, plus Code Club and Pencil Code Gym.

QR Codes - A super QR codes in the Classroom document.

AR - Augmented Reality - A super AR codes in the Classroom document, plus free AR downloads. These are great resources to use as you "dip your toe" into the world of AR. Your kids will love you!

Animation Tips and really COOL stop motion clips

Grocery Store Wars (2005)

Other Resources

Sustainability Resources - Enviro Stories iBooks.

Art Ideas - Lots of online tools for students to use to create art.

Learning Support - Special Needs - Visual support documents.

They Draw and Cook Recipes - great for procedure writing, visual literacy.

The Kid Should See This - A collection of videos that are driven by wonder, enthusiasm, and that “wow!” moment.

Youngzine - Youngzine is a one-of-a-kind web site where children can learn about current news and events shaping their world.

Geometrip - Geometrip features free high quality geometric colouring designs to download and print in PDF and JPG formats.

Digital Designer - Create amazing Lego designs using virtual blocks.

Aboriginal Resources - Create Aboriginal themed lizards from sticks and paint, plus 4 new video clips from the ABC.

Literacy and Numeracy Continuum - I created to enable me to make notes whilst observing/teaching my students.

Teach NSW and BOSTEs clips - Ideas to inspire our new career teachers.

T-SHIRT WAR!! (stop-motion) - Rhett & Link