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November 15 2015

Small group minutes

I couldn't do minutes for this week because not enough people had entered data yet, but last week I worked on our Campus Improvement Plan review and did an average of the semester so far.

SEMESTER average


MATH: % 80

I had set our goal for the year at 85% in reading and 82% in math. As you can see, we are really close to having achieved the goal. I appreciate the work you have done to move to small group/individualized learning which is aligned with LEAD 2021's ultimate goal of every student having an ILP by 2021. I hope you can see how what you're doing is working toward that goal, and with the technology tools that are currently available I see this as more do-able than ever. 5 years ago I didn't understand how we could make that happen, but I'm a believer now.

If you haven't gotten your minutes in for this past week (or the week before), please do so now before you forget! http://goo.gl/forms/lToz8qecU2

A grateful heart

My heart is grateful for..

....teams who cover for members when a crisis happens. Some great examples of that include Friday when Kim got sick through the night and a sub didn't pick up. Fourth grade worked out a plan before I ever even got down there to talk to them. Friday afternoon, Karen's niece was involved in a car accident and her family needed her to go. Lynn and Jan (now a sub, remember!) split her kids up so that she could leave. Thursday morning, Whitley had a scare with her pregnancy and needed to check in with her doctor. Jeanette and Jennifer both helped out so she could go. As Heidi said later, "It isn't like this everywhere." I know it's hard to believe, but there are places where a situation like that would have been met with irritation, not understanding and action.

....everyone who has already been on, or plans to go on an outing with a student in support of our PTA. They are so grateful for your support...it comes up all the time!

...Molly and Megan A. who have taken on the yearbook for the last few years. It's a big project, and they do it with a smile. (They are looking for replacements, however. Three years is enough!)

...teachers who agonize over students, whether it be home life, academic success, or emotional issues. Thank you for caring for your students, and for being passionate about advocating for them.

...an upcoming break!


Sick Leave Bank

Judy Hill sent an email Friday about joining the Sick Leave Bank. Please make sure you have done this. In the event of a serious illness or unexpected emergency in your family, this could be extremely helpful. If you aren't sure whether you've done this, call Judy Hill. She can check her records and let you know if you have. It's great peace of mind to know this is available if needed.


One of our favorite sayings in education is "the pendulum always swings." I think we're seeing evidence of that now with the backlash against standardized testing and the realization that play is an important part of life for children. I thought you'd be interested in the following blog.

Tech night

Jeanette is going to share information with parents about Google Drive Thursday evening after the business portion of the PTA meeting is over. If you can, please encourage your parents to come and learn more about the system we are using to store student artifacts as well as collaborate across the district.

This week:

Monday, November 16

2:45 Art Club, last Math Lab

3:15 CEC

Tuesday, November 17


Wednesday, November 18

Choir for 5th

Thursday, November 19

Good News, Marimba

PTA 6:30- Reflections and TECH

Friday, November 20

Heritage Day/World Friendship Day

Lunch with the Principal

La Academia Espanol (a Spanish subscription program), Bowman