King Tutankhamen

Power of the Youth

Profile of an Egyptian Pharoah

Background and Personality

Years in power: 1332-1323 BC (18th Dynasty)

How he rose to power: Tut had very influential advisors to help him rule the counrty.

Family Life: Married to Ankesenamun, with two stillborn Daughters.

Personality: He was known for his rejection of the radical religious innovations introduced by his father Akenaten.

Contributions to Egypt

Building Projects: Emtrance Colonades of Amenhote III's temple, a pair of Granite Lions, a colssal statue of himself.

Milatary Expeditions: Battle with the Hitties located in Kadesh Syria, the war took place on late May, 1274 BC.

Other Achievements: King Tut changed the religion back to believing in the almighty God, Ra. Repaired the ruined temples that Akhenaten destroyed.

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On 1323 BC, King Tutkhamen was pronounced dead. His death still remains a mystery, but scientists claim he died of Genetic Impairment which weakened his body.

After Tut's death, one of his advisors, Ay, took Tut's spot as king. When he died, he left no heir for Egypt.

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