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My name is Tessa Fowler. I am 18 years old and I attend Childersburg High School. I am currently in 12th grade. I have been going to Childersburg almost all my life. I want to go to Alabama University to become a nurse. I'm plan to start out at CACC.

Cover Letter

Tessa Fowler

35345 U.S. HWY. 280, Sylacauga, AL 35150/ 1-(256)-404-6780 Tessafowler98@gmail.com

April 22, 2016

Alabama University

719 University Blvd

Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

(205) 348-6010

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to tell you I am interested in joining your school in the fall of 2016. I heard about your university from a teacher who is currently working there. She was telling me that it was a good university and most of the people there enjoyed it.

I know that it is good for students to have high standards. When I attend your University I will try my hardest to make good grades. I will attend as many clubs as I can. I have good working skills and take good responsibility at the things I do.

I have attached my resume. I hope I meet your standards for the University. I look forward to hearing back from you. I cannot wait to become Alabama elephant!


Tessa Fowler


Tessa M. Fowler

35345 U.S. HWY 280

Sylacauga, AL, 35150




4/16-present Little Caesars, Sylacauga, Al


I take people's order and cut the pizza. I also have to clean the store/lobby.

3/12- Candice Johns, Sylacauga, AL

present Babysitting

  • watching them for a long period of time

  • picking up and cleaning up after them

  • fixing their food


Present Shonda Finn, Sylacauga, AL


  • Watching them for a long period of time

  • Picking up and cleaning after them

  • Fixing their food


5/16 Childersburg High school, Childersburg, AL


  • Arts and crafts

  • Being outdoors

  • Spending time with family


  • FBLA(2012-2013)

  • BTA(2012-2013)

  • Awanas(2011-2013)

  • Cheerleading(2010-2011)


I picked this project to be under creativity because we were all in a group with about 5 people. We all had different jobs that came together to make 1 big project. This project was about the holocaust. We read a book and then watched a video about a person who actually got taken away from his family and survived. Me and one of the girls in the group came together and made a poem about it.
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I picked this project to be under communication because we all worked together and use each others ideas to come up with this prezi. It was a lot of work but it was also fun because we got along very well and helped each other out and got a good grade on it.


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I picked this to be under Collaboration because me and my partner had to talk and discuss which animals we would use to make one animal and pick the kind of biomes it could survive in. we decided to give it a basic and easy name. We chose the name tish. The tish is a fish, tiger, and chicken.
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Writing Example -Hamlet

Hamlet Journal

  • A secret murder
  • A ghost Visitation
  • a decent into either real or feigned madness
  • an eruption of general violence at the end

Ghost in Shakespeare's plays

The vision or purely subjective ghost

  • seen by mentally ill
  • The authentic ghost who has died without the opportunity of repentance or vengeancy
  • influenced by Catholicism
The false ghost which is capable of many types of manifestation

  • possibly the devil

Major Themes

  1. Revenge
  2. Mortality
  3. Corruption
  4. Madness
  5. Doubt


Claudius, King of Denmark.
Hamlet, Son to the former, and Nephew to the present King.
Polonius, Lord Chamberlain.
Horatio, Friend to Hamlet.
Laertes, Son to Polonius.
Voltimand, Courtier.
Cornelius, Courtier.
Rosencrantz, Courtier.
Guildenstern, Courtier.
Osric, Courtier.
A Gentleman, Courtier.
A Priest.
Marcellus, Officer.
Bernardo, Officer.
Francisco, a Soldier
Reynaldo, Servant to Polonius.
Two Clowns, Grave-diggers.
Fortinbras, Prince of Norway.
A Captain.
English Ambassadors.
Ghost of Hamlet's Father.

Act 1 summary

It started as them switching out shifts at the castle. He was saying he seen a ghost. The ghost was really king hamlet. They all don't want to get hurt. hamlets mom marries his dads brother and he gets real upset cause his dad is murdered. The uncle says that hamlet is just acting he shouldn't be that sad for that long. He's over reacting and he is weak.

Act 2 Summary

Polonius gives a guy named Reynaldo a some money and tells him to give it to his son. his son is Laertes. That is studying in France. Opelias father thinks she did something with the prince but Ophelia assures her father she didn't sleep with the Prince and Polonius is the one that told the king about it. Claudius wasn't even surprised about Claudius behavior. she wants to find out what is going on with him though. They spy on the kids. Hamlet made the actors make a version and play out his fathers death in front of Claudius so he can watch his reaction. Claudius goes crazy and hamlet knows he was guilty.

Act 3 Summary

Claudius questions Rosencrantz and Guildenstern about whether they've gotten any closer to figuring out why Hamlet "puts on" this madness. hamlet admits that hes been acting weird but wont tell them why. Claudius and Polonius set a trap for Hamlet and the two men hide and watch as they are there a lone. they do it to see if he is really in love or not. Hamlet pulls Horatio to the side so know one can hear him and tells him he is the best man and all good thing cause he needed a favor. he needed to help him watch Clausius reaction during the play of his dads death. He finally knows

Act 4 Summary

Gertrude tells Claudius that her son is insane and has murdered Polonius. they think the murder of Polonius has done some good by getting Hamlet in with his feelings and Claudius tells Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to try to clean up the mess. Hamlet is on his way to england. All he sees the armies of Prince Fortinbras of Norway.

Act 5 Summary

The fight begins with Osric as the referee. Hamlet wins the first point and the king offers him a drink to refresh himself, dropping a poisoned pearl in the wine just before he hands it over to him. Hamlet doesn't want the drink right now. They play another round and hamlet wins again. after the second round Gertrude toasts to hamlets health. she takes up the poison chalice and has a drink despite Claudius protestation. Hamlet and laertes have a third pass which ends in a draw. laertes wounds Hamlet with poisoned rapier. the fight over laertes sword and hamlet gets it and wounds laertes. The queen collapses. she got a drink of the poison. Hamlet found out it was the kings plan. Claudius dies and everyone died except Horatio

Important Quotes

  • "... I found, Horatio-ah royal knavery!-an exact command... that on the supervise.. my head should be struck off - Hamlet
  • "...the drink, the drink! I am poisoned." -Gertrude
  • I am justly killed with mine own trechery" - Laertes
  • "now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince," -horatio
  • "With sorrow I embrace my sortune. I have some rights of memory in the kingdom" -Fortinbras