America - The Gilded Age

By: Levi Winkels

Thomas Alva Edison

Who: Thomas Alva Edison was one of the greatest inventors ever.

What: He was the inventor of over 1,000 things, he also invented the light bulb.

When: In 1879 Thomas invented the light which was his biggest invention.

Where: He invented most of his things in Menlo Park.

Why: We still use light bulbs today.


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J. Piermont Morgan

Who: J. Piermont Morgan was a successful banker.

What: J.P. Morgan helped with the financing of the railroads.

When: He was big in the 19th century.

Where: J.P. Morgan was a Connecticut native.


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Pullman Strike

Who: George Mortimer Pullman's workers at his car company where the people who created the Pullman Strike.

What: The workers at the company would go on strike due to low wages and getting in debt.

When: From May, 11 1894 - June, 29 1894 workers were going on strike and quitting.

Where: The workers were in Chicago where the Pullman car buisness was.


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Railroad effects on native americans

Who: The railroads effects on the Native Americans.

When: The first railroad was built in 1863-1869.

Where: The railroads were built all throughout the western U.S. states where the native americans lived.

Why: The new U.S. citizens needed a faster way to get out west so less people would die and could get there quicker, but the native americans were living in the way which created big fights. Eventually the natives were out numbered and powered which caused them to give up and be put on reservations.


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