Add More Stuff to your flyer

A breakdown of the "Add More Stuff" section

The "Add more stuff" section of the Editor has over 10 options to make the content of your flyers and newsletters more robust.

Check out the guide below to see what these buttons are all about:
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"Text" is the focus of most Smore flyers. It is the place where you write what you are trying to communicate with your audience.

You can make your text Bold, Italicized, Underlined or link words within text.

Feel free to even add:

  1. Numbers
  • Or bullet points

Your text can be accompanied by an image. Once you have input your text and clicked "Done" in the bottom right corner, hover over the text box and use the grey arrows that appear at each side of the text box to select your preferred text/image layout.


"Picture" allows you to add photos to your flyer, you can choose between one "Big Photo" or a "Photo Gallery" which will display three smaller images


You can create an event by including:
  • "Name" of the event
  • "When" the event starts and ends
  • "Where" the event is located
  • Any other relevant details about your event

If you are a Pro user, this is where you can set up the RSVP feature to monitor attendance. After you have set up the RSVP feature, you can then check the "Analytics" feature and see who has responded. For more info on RSVPs on Smore, click here


With this button, you can type or paste an audio URL that you want to embed in your flyer. We currently only support SoundCloud audio files. This means that you must upload your audio file to SoundCloud if you would like to embed it into your flyer

Embed Link

Type or paste an external URL that you want to embed in your flyer


A form is a great way to survey your flyer recipients or get feedback. You can type or paste a Wufoo or Google Forms URL in this section

If you'd like to insert a Google Form into your flyer, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Google Form and go to your form
  2. At the top right, click the blue button that says "Send Form"
  3. Copy the link under "Link to share"
  4. Paste that link into the "Form" button at the bottom of the Smore Editor

*Please note: If you simply copy and paste the "View Live Form" URL into your flyer, the Form will not embed correctly.


Insert text that you would like to display in a larger font size than other text on your flyer. You can also add a link to the title


Here you can add a "Gallery" which includes 3 small photos. You also have the option to "Add a title" and "Add a Description" to each of the photos. Be sure to use the grey arrows at the side of the Gallery box to manage how the images and text appear


Add content or contact information about you or your business including:

  • Facebook, Twitter, email, address, phone number, and website


Type or paste a video URL to embed in your flyer. Only YouTube, Vimeo and Viddler are supported. This means you will need to upload your video to one of these supported websites in order to embed the video into your flyer


Here you can create a text button that takes your viewers to an outside link. You can choose if you would like the link to open in a new window

Need more info?

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