Dietary Guidelines


Dietary Guideline

Dietary Guidelines provide a structured plan to live a healthier and longer life .

A diet is a plan that includes eating healthier foods and exercising.

Nutrient Dense foods give you the most nutrients for the fewest calories.

Risk factor is the condition that increases your chances of developing a problem.

Too much body fat can cause overweight and obesity. Being over weight can lead to you not being healthy and can shorten your life . Two ways to losing weight are eating right and exercising.

Physical Activity

Being active can lead to being healthier and able to do more . Teens should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Exercise at least 3 days week .

Fruits , Grains , Veggies

Grains , fruits and veggies are nutrient rich , cholesterol free and naturally low in fat.

They help protect you from heart diseases and cancer. Drink fruit juices , drink smoothies and eating colorful veggies can be ways to include veggies in her diet.


TransFats and Unsaturated fats are the two unhealthy fats that raise cholesterol

Heart diseases can develop from too much fat .


Foods with natural sugars - Fruits and milk

Foods with added sugars - Candy and Soft drinks

Risk- Diabetes

Why reduce sodium and increase potassium?

a. It controls body fluids

b. High blood pressure and heart attacks

c. It counteracts sodium's affects


-Increases chances of injury

-affects decision making

- Put others at risk

Food safety is important because it helps prevent you from becoming sicks from foods. You need to learn the right way to handle foods