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Mrs. Schleicher's Weekly Class Newsletter October 27-31

Show and Tell!

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Weekly Note from Mrs. Schleicher

Tefillah and Class meeting

We learned about the Amidah prayer in tefillah and will continue with a follow-up activity next week. During class meeting we had so much fun with show and tell! I love seeing the things the children bring! Also, we read another Global Read Aloud book called Sky Color. We learned that colors signify moods and we wrote about our mood and the color that reflected how we were feeling!

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Important Dates

11/6- Book Fair dress up day- The theme for the fall Book Fair is the “Kingdom of Reading at Davis” Students should come as Knights, Kings, Princes, Princesses. Students who do not dress up in this theme should come in regular uniform attire.

11/6- Bring your favorite math game to share and play

11/6- Book Buddies, bring 1-2 books to share

11/7- Grandparents and Special Friends Day-please return the permission slip if your child will go home with his/her grandparent or special friend that day.

11/7- There is Kabbalat Shabbat only for students

11/10- landform/body of water projects due

11/13-11/14- No School, Parent and Teacher Conferences

11/18- Tellus Museum field trip, 8:30 AM-3:00 PM

What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

This week we continued writing our autobiographies. We are writing about our past life and so far we are up to where we went to preschool and our favorite activity. In grammar, we are learning about plural nouns. We also read a story called Where Does the Trail Lead. A reading skill we practiced was comparing and contrasting. Also, we are making nature sketchings that will be on display for you to see at conferences!


In math this week we are having so much fun with estimation. Also, we practiced adding with and without regrouping to the 100's place. For problem solving, we continued a lesson from a couple weeks ago with learning how to make an organized list. We worked in small groups to create posters that displayed information on how to make an ice cream sundae with one flavor ice cream, one syrup, and one topping. Yummy!!

Social Studies

We had fun this week reviewing our landforms and bodies of water by doing an activity in centers. Our quiz will be on Wednesday. Also, we learned the continent song that I hope your child will teach you! If he/she sings it for you, extra credit in Social Studies will be earned! Just send me an email and let me know! Then, you have to sing it for me!! Just kidding! We had a blast tracing the continents onto a posterboard in small groups and then painting it. In a couple weeks we will have a quiz over identifying the continents/oceans.

Jewish Studies

You call follow all of the exciting things happening in Judaic Studies by reading our blog:

or by following Morah Kelly on Twitter at @MorahKelly. To see what is happening in your child’s class you can click on their homeroom teacher’s name on the Blog Roll on the right side of the screen on the blog. You can also read the weekly round-up of all the learning happening in grades 2-5 posted on the blog every Friday.

Noteworthy News!


Dear 2nd grade parents,

Our cursive Hebrew letter this week was: ב (BET), we practiced writing it, read a story in our Ariot kotev- אריאות כותב book and completed the BET ב pages in our book, including the spelling test.

We also worked in our other Hebrew books: TOV BAKITA- טוב בכיתה.

שבת שלום!

Shabbat shalom,

Galia Sabbag

Mystery Reader

Thank you to.... Alan Stukalsky

for being our mystery reader this week!

Lemonade Stand- Raising Money for the Atlanta Food Bank

Molly and Sylvie Bella decided to host a lemonade stand over the weekend. They raised around $50 for the Food Bank! What a mitzvah! Great job!!