Top Ten List

Canvas LMS

No. 10 - Canvas is Open Source, Obtain a Personal Account for Free!

The Canvas LMS is available for free to students, teachers, or anybody. The code is open source; therefore, you can create your own individual account to practice if you wish!
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No. 9 - Clean Interface

The interface is clean, modern, and uncluttered

No. 8 - Late Grades Show Up in a Different Background Color

You can easily glance in Gradebook to see late grades. Teachers can see patterns in lateness quickly.
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No. 7 - Zeroes and Comments can be Easily Added at Gradebook

Zeroes and comments can be easily added at Gradebook or SpeedGrader.
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No. 6 - Canvas is the Only LMS Native to the Cloud

Native cloud hosting means no versions, no upgrades, no migrations and no inconvenient down times. Canvas is automatically updated every two weeks.

No. 5 - Rubrics

You can add a rubric to any assignment, and the rubric is stored in your course where you could use again or modify for another assignment. You can grade within the rubric or just provide an overall grade.
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No. 4 - To Do / Coming Up

The To Do list never disappears, no matter how many times you log in and log out. If it needs grading, it will always show up under the "To Do" list. Students can also see future assignments in "Coming Up"
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No. 3 - Collaborations!

It is easy to set up collaborative groups that will work via a shared google document in Canvas. If the google document is shared with the instructor, they are able to access the google document from within the course.
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No. 2 - PDFs and Word Documents Show Up on SpeedGrader!

You do not have to open a document when grading at SpeedGrader. The document appears immediately!
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No. 1 - Discussion Board Grading!

The student's post and their responses to other classmates shows up on the same page as SpeedGrader!
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